Suggestion Box approved for the App Store

Apple approved Suggestion Box, my first app, for the App Store over the weekend. I’ll be setting it to “available” when I return from my weeks holiday, so I have time to complete a promotional video for it and prepare press releases etc.

It’s a busy week for me, I am also hoping to have MailShot ready for submission before I go, so that it doesn’t get caught in the AppStore backlog over Xmas.

Video update

Here is the new corporate ident video for Soluble, produced as part of the process for the “Suggestion Box” app which I am about to hit the promotional trail for.

Its best viewed in HD (set it to 720HD in the pop up menu along the bottom.)

The sound is the bubbling of a river, slowed down to 1/6th speed, and the ping is the sonar from a genuine WWII U-Boat. Visually it is a number of different 2D layered elements, with a number of Vegas plug-ins used in combination with hand animation for bubbles etc.

The caustic animation (the “underwater” ripple) was generated by a PC app I found on the web, then applied as a blend layer. It produces repeating, tilable caustic textures at large resolutions (1024 by 1024 in this case) and was a great help for this project.