MailShot approved for the App Store

MailShot gets early release ahead of press launch

Apple approved “MailShot” last night, and we will be launching to the press next week- Hurrah!

It brings email distribution lists to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, so that you can easily email a group of friends or work colleagues without having to select them all individually from your contacts each time.

Even better, and unique, is that you can do this from pretty much any app on your device that has mail support, including You Tube, Google Maps etc.

It should be massive!

The first release is going to be free for the first few weeks, and will allow you to create a few groups of up to five contacts. An easy in-app upgrade boosts this to 50 groups of up to 50 contacts, which should be more than enough for most people. You can find it on the App Store from the link on the MailShot page.

MailShot is in submission

MailShot, our new app which I know that everyone who uses an iPhone for email will find indispensable, was submitted to the App Store today.

I’ll tell you more about it when it has been approved.

UPDATE: 20th Jan
I resubmitted it today, as a “universal” (i.e. iPad-friendly) app with enhanced support for different sync options under iOS4.

Suggestion Box is live on the App Store

Suggestion Box went live yesterday- Yay!

Here is the promo video I made to illustrate its features.

UPDATE: and I got my first review, a 5-star, without any funny
business required. Thank you “Pupslover”, whoever you are!

Suggestion Box approved for the App Store

Apple approved Suggestion Box, my first app, for the App Store over the weekend. I’ll be setting it to “available” when I return from my weeks holiday, so I have time to complete a promotional video for it and prepare press releases etc.

It’s a busy week for me, I am also hoping to have MailShot ready for submission before I go, so that it doesn’t get caught in the AppStore backlog over Xmas.

Video update

Here is the new corporate ident video for Soluble, produced as part of the process for the “Suggestion Box” app which I am about to hit the promotional trail for.

Its best viewed in HD (set it to 720HD in the pop up menu along the bottom.)

The sound is the bubbling of a river, slowed down to 1/6th speed, and the ping is the sonar from a genuine WWII U-Boat. Visually it is a number of different 2D layered elements, with a number of Vegas plug-ins used in combination with hand animation for bubbles etc.

The caustic animation (the “underwater” ripple) was generated by a PC app I found on the web, then applied as a blend layer. It produces repeating, tilable caustic textures at large resolutions (1024 by 1024 in this case) and was a great help for this project.

My next app: MailShot

When I was working on Stripboard I added an email manager feature for the “pro” version which allowed you to email a group of people with the updated schedule. It occurred to me that I should spin this feature off into its own app as there is currently no way to email a large group at once built-in to the iPhone.

When I looked at what was already out there on the App Store it occurred to me that there was a better way to do this than that employed by existing apps, which make people compose their emails within them.

My solution allows you to mail to an entire group of people as though it were a single person, from inside any app that uses the built-in mail system, and with any types of attachment which that app supports.

A few days later and the functionality all works, just need to work on prettying it up now. Here are some choices for icon designs.