Press Releases

For further information about Soluble Applications or our products, please contact:

Peter Johnson:

Here are some of our press releases to date, with print and web assets for each.

“MailShot Pro 3” Enhances Top-selling Group Email App Sept 13th 2013

MailShot Maker Releases “TextShot” Group Texting App Aug 8th 2013

ShotList App For Film And Video Makers tracks cast and locations  May 30th 2013

New Edition Of FAQ Customer Support App adds Markdown Mar 21st 2013

FAQ: The iPhone app that helps you help your customers Nov 30th 2012

ShotList App For Film And Video Makers Gets A Big Boost Nov 7th 2012

MailShot Pro 2.1 Adds The Group Email Features That Apple Forgot Oct 31st 2012

MailShot 2.0 Brings Seamless Group Email To iPhone, iPad And Beyond May 21st 2012

MailShot Pro Sends Group Email Around The World Mar 12 2012

MailShot Pro: Pour La Première Fois En Français! Mar 12 2012

MailShot Pro- E-mails a grupos está disponibles ahora en Español Mar 12 2012

MailShot Pro Brings Group Email To More People Jan 31st 2012

Shotlist 3.0 Helps Film And Video Makers Plan Their Shoots Dec 14th 2011

FAQ Holds The Answer To Customer Support Oct 25th 2011

Unique App Lets Siri Send Group Email Oct 15th 2011

Unique Group Mail App Makes Adding Contacts Easier. Sept 8th 2011

App For Mobile Film And Video Makers Gets A Feature Boost July 29th 2011

MailShot- Unique Group Email App Goes ProJuly 7th 2011

Shotlist- iPhone app brings order to movie shoots. June 28th 2011

MailShot- Group Email Done Right” is back with a vengeanceMay 25th 2011

MailShot- “Group Email Done Right!” updated for iPhone and iPad. May 16th 2011

“MailShot” builds group email into your favourite iPhone and iPad apps Apr 8th 2011

Put yourself in the game, with “Ultimate Charades” added Apr 7th 2011

iPhone Email Gets More Productive with “MailShot” added Mar 18th 2011

Fixed: The Email feature Apple Forgot added Feb 24th 2011.

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