Suggestion Box- the app thats always full of Great Ideas.

It’s always great to have new suggestions right at your fingertips…

If you use improvisational techniques as a performance artist, drama student, teacher or facilitator, or just need a great source of fresh random ideas, Suggestion Box provides a constant stream of inspiring suggestions for you.


The app was developed with input from members of “The Suggestibles“, one of the UK’s foremost and long-established improvisational groups, who together have many decades of performing and improvisational training experience. Their feedback has lead to two unique features which similar apps do not have…

  • Show a string of suggestions at once, by adding those you accept toa pool at the bottom of the screen. (you can delete from the pool, by swiping from right to left across it)
  • Customise your choices by adding, editing and deleting suggestions. (This is great for adding local references that your audience can relate to, and deleting those they may not recognise, or keeping suggestions topical as news stories come and go.)

The app includes over 1000 unique suggestions in the following categories:

  • Indoor Location
  • Outdoor Location
  • Accents
  • Occupations
  • Movie and TV genres
  • Musical styles
  • Emotions
  • Household Objects
  • Male & Female Characters

We would love to hear of your additions to the suggestion lists, which we will then add into future releases for everyone to share.

Suggestion Box IconSuggestion Box
works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and is available now on the App Store.

Download it on the App Store

6 thoughts on “Suggestion Box- the app thats always full of Great Ideas.”

  1. Just switched to Galaxy Note, would love your software on this phone.
    (Guess Apple have you locked in)
    Have to go back to manual lists.

    Thanks for the great app.

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