One Day- Counting Down To Special Events

One Day is more than a calendar, it’s to help you look forward to the great things to come in life.

Sometimes there’s a special day that you just can’t wait for- it could be a wedding , a special anniversary, a party, the end of exams or medical treatment, the next Marvel movie, or the holiday of a lifetime !

We help you count down the days to that special day, and share that excitement with friends as your anticipation builds.

  • Create repeating events (in weekly, yearly, and numerous monthly patterns)
  • Share directly to a wide range of social media and email
  • Includes iMessage app
  • At-a-glance view for your Today page
  • Events are automatically shared between devices

The app is available in two versions. “One Day”is a free app which lets you try it out for a single event, and can be easily unlocked to add the extra features from “One Day Pro”, which lets you track multiple events and customise each event with your own images.

If you need assistance, just drop me a line from the “Email Us” button on the Settings page  (a cog icon, in the top left corner of the app). You can also find assistance on the Support page

one-day-proOne Day Pro works with iPhone and iPad, and is available now on the App Store.

one-dayOne Day works with iPhone and iPad, and is available free on the App Store. It can be upgraded through an in-app purchase to add more events, and use custom images.

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