Who are we?

Soluble Apps is a studio for the development of games and apps for mobile platforms, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Targeting iOS devices, our most successful products to date are “MailShot Pro“,  a top-listed app for group email on the App Store over 4 or 5 years, and “ShotList” for scheduling movie shoots. Also “FAQ Email Composer” which makes customer support and other repetitive email tasks much easier from a mobile device and “EditPoint“, an app to make reviewing podcasts and other audio files easier.

The studio was founded in 2010 by Peter Johnson, a seasoned veteran with over 25 years’ experience in the video games industry.

Here is a brief bio.

“I spent 10 years as a game programmer for Atari ST, Amiga, Sega Megadrive, BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, and Atari Jaguar, mainly converting to new platforms, but creating all code, graphics and sound for most of those titles. Among the publishers I wrote games for at this point were Ocean, Imagine, U.S. Gold, Atari and Superior.

For two years I worked as a composer and musician, working on soundtracks and TV themes for local TV companies, Sky/Eurosport and other clients, including Paul W.S. Anderson.

In 1993 I set up and ran the Newcastle development studio for Rage, and was its Studio Head for 9 years. Major titles from the studio were “Expendable” on PC  (achieving well over 2 million OEM sales) and Playstation , and the licensed “Rocky” game for Xbox and PS2.

In early 2002 I co-founded Venom Games as an independent studio. We took this to aquisition by 2K Games late the following year, and I continued to manage the studio for another 5 years until 2008. Notable titles were “Rocky: Legends” on Xbox and PS2 for Ubisoft, and both “Prey” and “Don King Presents: Prizefighter” on Xbox 360 for 2K Games, though we also made a small contribution to some other 2K titles (including “BioShock”) at the studio.

After a spell as Executive Producer at a nearby racing game studio, in 2010 I returned to my roots by setting up Soluble to focus on mobile app development.

My broad spread of interests across the related fields of music, drama, visual design and filmmaking has helped to inform and enrich my work in videogames, and I have really enjoyed the many opportunities that my career has provided to put them to use.”

Peter also contributes to, and has audio edited, the “Nerdfest Podcast” for over 120 episodes, and does lights and sound for comedy and improv shows.
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3 thoughts on “Who are we?”

    1. Hi Kevin

      All email is sent though the iOS Mail system (you type into an iOS email compose window) so security is exactly the same as the current Mail app. The Mailshot app never sees anything you type or attach into an email.

      The Mailshot app CAN see your contact data, when allowed, but that is never shared from your device other than to iCloud (for synchronising your devices and moving your data across whenever you upgrade your device). It is never sent to us, or any other external server.


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