Privacy Policy

Data we never collect.

Our apps send no data you create, nor any of your personal details to us. Your data remains on your device, and on any other storage services (iCloud or Dropbox) which you choose to share it with.

We have no access to Apple’s data on who has purchased the app, or its upgrades. We have no access to the account information used for your iTunes purchases.

We have no access to what you write or include in emails to your group, (as this is done through the iOS email compose window.)

Data we retain

We retain our email communication with you. (This will include your name, if given, email address, and some diagnostic information about the app configuration on your device, which can be seen in the support emails. This is retained to assist with future support requests.

If you share any group data to us, so we can help resolve a problem, your privacy and that of your contacts will be respected. No emails will ever be sent to those email addresses by us, nor will that data be shared to any third party.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions about privacy issues, please drop me a line on, and I will be happy to help.

2 thoughts on “Privacy Policy”

  1. Given the recent Facebook fiasco I’m concerned that while you might not deliberately share my contacts that they could be accessed by a deviant 3rd party?
    How can you assure me that is not the case.

    1. Thanks for your question

      We believe security is important- your contacts are not shared to us or to any third party. In fact, they never leave your device (other than through your iCloud account, which is used to share groups securely between your own devices. This feature can be disabled in Settings, if required)


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