MailShot Privacy Policy

iOS privacy settings

iOS requires that all apps ask permission before being able to read or write to your address book, and MailShot requires this permission to be able to create its group contacts for you. 

MailShot creates group contacts entirely on your device, and does not send any contact data or email addresses to us (nor to any other server.)

Sending us your data?

If you share any contact data to us so we can help resolve a problem, your privacy and that of your contacts will be respected. No emails will ever be sent to those email addresses by us, nor will they be shared to any third party.

MailShot mailing list

We will occasionally email users who have contacted us for technical support when we release a new version of MailShot, or a very closely-related product. This is mainly so our users can benefit from any new features- we can’t sell you the same app again!

We keep email frequency to this list to be very low (typically 3 or 4 times per year). We are happy to remove anyone from the list if they ask to be unsubscribed, and include instructions for this in every email. This mailing list is never shared to any third party.

If you wish to be added to that list, please send an email saying “subscribe” to us at

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions about privacy issues, please drop us a line on, and we’ll be happy to help.

Peter Johnson
Soluble Apps

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