GroupShot Support

GroupShot creates groups in your default address book. You can then send or forward email directly to those groups easily from the standard “Mail” app, by typing the group name in the address line.

GroupShot will handle all the complicated stuff behind the scenes for you.


The app includes three days free subscription, for you to try it out at no charge. You can cancel at any point before it renews.

Choose from a monthly or yearly subscription (yearly provides the best value).

If you cancel, you can keep all the groups you have so far created.

Creating a group

Tap the folder icon at top right of the Groups list, to name and create a new group. Later, tapping on a group name will edit that group.

You will often see a number in brackets next to a group name, that is the number of contacts in the group.

Adding Contacts

Tap the icon at the top right of the group member list to import contacts into a group in several different ways:

New Contact: Enter the name and email address of a contact on the form. It will be added to the group

Import From Contacts: This shows a checklist of all the contacts in your address book. Select all the ones you want to add to your group. (Don’t worry, you cant add anyone more than once.)

Import From Address String: This lets you import a list of names and email addresses. Copy the string to the iOS copy buffer, and then tap the button to import. GroupShot will find anyone you already have in your addressbook, and will create new contacts for anyone you don’t already have. Then it will add them all to the current group.

Renaming a Group

Select the icon at the top right of the group member list, then choose “Rename Group” and edit the name, to rename this group in your addressbook.

Sharing a group

Select the icon at the top right of the group member list, then choose “Share Group”. This will bring up a dialog where you can share the group through Mail, Messenger, via AirDrop to another iOS device, or paste it to other apps such as Notes.

Printing a Group

Select the icon at the top right of the group member list, then choose “Print Group” This will print the group out to any AirPrint-Compatible printer, as a neatly formatted document.


“Default” addressbook this is where new contacts are placed when you add them here or in Contacts, and this is also where GroupShot will place any new groups you create.

You can choose your default address book from the “Contacts” page in the Settings app.


Groupshot is primarily intended for use with the Mail app on iOS or Mac.

Groups can be used with GMail accounts in the Mail app, but the Gmail APP and website do not know how to use them.


If you need any assistance, please drop me a line from the “Email Us” button in the Support menu (top left, above the Groups list- it looks like three dots in a circle) This will include some basic diagnostics that may help me solve your problem more quickly.

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