2: The Groups Page

This is where you create and manage your MailShot groups.Each of your groups is followed by the number of contacts it contains. Two numbers appear, “(5 of 7)”, when only some of these contacts are currently selected ( see The Members Page.)

Any group that appears red, will contain an email address that MailShot can no longer find in your address book. This alerts you that a group might need to be updated.

To Edit a group: Tap (i) to the right of its name. (There is also an option for this provided on the “More” menu

To Create a Group: tap “+” on the grey bar.

To Rename a Group: Select it, then tap “More”, then “Rename”.

2015-09-14 17.47.06

To Duplicate a group: select a group, tap “More”, then “Duplicate”.

To Delete a Group: select a group, tap “More”, then “Delete”.

You can also use the standard iOS “delete” shortcut- swipe from right to left across the name of the group you want to remove.

delete group

To Split a group into smaller groups: Select a group, tap “More”, then “Split <100”. This will create several smaller groups containing the first 95  or so contacts, then the next 95, and so on. (NOTE: This option only appears when you have more than at least 50 contacts in your group.)

To Rearrange the order of your groups: Select a group, tap “More”, then “Sort Groups”. Use the three-line icons that appear on the right to drag the group to your desired position. Tap “Done” when you are finished.

To Return to the title page tap “Home” on the menu bar.

To Send an email to a group, or copy it to the clip board, tap the group name. See Sending email with MailShot for more choices.

To Select multiple groups, tap “Multi” at the top right. See Sending email with MailShot for more on this option.

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9 thoughts on “2: The Groups Page”

  1. It would really help if you could copy a group, rename it as a new group and then edit it. That way you could creat subgroups from one large group without having to start at the beginning each time. I have some groups that include contacts that I don’t want included for some purposes, but there is no way to delete them for one mailing without having to re-input for another.

  2. I would like to share my email group with a coworker. Is there a way to share or export group to another MailShot user?

  3. I belong to a club of 50 members plus 6 committee. To save 50 names being shown before the message is shown I send the main message to the chairman and then cc to committee and bcc to rest of club. Can I do this with your app? The only way I can see is to send a separate message to each group

    1. That is a bit more elaborate than most of our users need, but if you need such a specific pattern, here’s how to do it as one email…

      First create separate groups for the Cc and Bcc.

      To send, select the To group, and tap “Copy to clipboard” then select the Bcc group and tap “Send Email (Bcc)”. Tap the Cc line of the email and paste there (from the clipboard), then tap the To line and add the chairman.

    1. Data is are shared automatically through iCloud. (just make sure that you are signed in to the same iCloud account on both devices.)

      If you still have any problem, please drop me a line from the Support button on BOTH devices, so I can see how they are both configured. Cheers.

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