3: Group Members

This is where you view and edit the members of a group.

You arrive here as you create a group, or by tapping “>” to edit a group from the Groups page. Tap “Update” to return to Groups.

Each member appears as a name and an email address. If an address appears in red, it is no longer found in your address book and may need to be updated.

To add contacts, tap “+”  on the bottom line of the table, or in the menu bar. Tap “Import’ to add several contacts at once (see next section)

To edit a contact, tap its line.

To delete a contact tap “Edit”, then tap “-” alongside the contact you want to remove. Tap “Done” to leave this mode.

TIP: You can also use the standard iOS shortcut to delete a contact. Swipe from light to left across the contact you want to remove, then confirm with a tap of the “Delete” button.

To include only some of a group

A series of checkmarks run up the right hand side of the page. Deselect a checkmark to temporarily exclude a contact from the group.

The ‘None’ and ‘All’ buttons at the bottom of the screen select, or deselect, all checkmarks at once.

This is a great way to swap members of a team in and out as needed. Or to only address members that have accepted an invitation, or have not renewed a subscription.

Sort Order

Contacts are automatically sorted into alphabetical order, based on their surname.

The MailShot page of the Settings app contains a switch to sort on the entire name (“Sort On Full Name”), or to show names as lastname, firstname (“Show Surname First”) to match the default sort order.

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6 thoughts on “3: Group Members”

  1. How do I get to my group list. When I click on the program, I get the email list. I need to add and delete the membership list

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