3: Group Members

This is where you view and edit the members of a group.

You arrive here as you create a group, or by tapping “>” to edit a group from the Groups page. Tap “Update” to return to Groups.

Each member appears as a name and an email address. If an address appears in red, it is no longer found in your address book and may need to be updated.

To add contacts, tap “+”  on the bottom line of the table, or in the menu bar. Tap “Import’ to add several contacts at once (see next section)

To edit a contact, tap its line.

To delete a contact tap “Edit”, then tap “-” alongside the contact you want to remove. Tap “Done” to leave this mode.

TIP: You can also use the standard iOS shortcut to delete a contact. Swipe from light to left across the contact you want to remove, then confirm with a tap of the “Delete” button.

To include only some of a group

A series of checkmarks run up the right hand side of the page. Deselect a checkmark to temporarily exclude a contact from the group.

The ‘None’ and ‘All’ buttons at the bottom of the screen select, or deselect, all checkmarks at once.

This is a great way to swap members of a team in and out as needed. Or to only address members that have accepted an invitation, or have not renewed a subscription.

Sort Order

Contacts are automatically sorted into alphabetical order, based on their surname.

The MailShot page of the Settings app contains a switch to sort on the entire name (“Sort On Full Name”), or to show names as lastname, firstname (“Show Surname First”) to match the default sort order.

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11 thoughts on “3: Group Members”

  1. How do I get to my group list. When I click on the program, I get the email list. I need to add and delete the membership list

    1. Hi Tim

      You can select a group, tap “copy to clipboard” and then paste that list into an email to them.

      They can copy and paste that string to the address line of their email.

      Or if they have MailShot, they can create a new group, tap “import” > “Paste From Address String” and copy and paste the string there from the email, to recreate a group on their device.

  2. How do you alphabetize the group listing by first letter in the contact name. I see that they are alphabetized by the last name. But if for example my contacts are by the company name I would like them all to be listed together. Example – my contacts are ABC widgets David Smith, ABC widgets June Taylor, etc. But in the group David is in the S’s and June is down in the T’s. Is it possible to alphabetize the listing by the first letter. – in this scenario its A. That way I see all the same company names and it’s easy to determine if I am missing anyone per group.

    1. On the MailShot page in settings you will find a switch for “sort by full name”

      Alternatively for contacts you entered by hand you can change the sort string- from “Surname, company name firstname” to “company name, surname, Firstname” or whatever you want

  3. Behind my group name, it says (0 of 41). I want to send to all 41. How do I change it.

    1. “(0 of 41)” means none of this group are selected (with the checkmarks to the right of your list on the edit page)
      Simply tap “all” at the bottom of the edit page to select them all.

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