6: Mailshot Settings

You can change various aspects of how MailShot behaves from the MailShot page of the Settings app.

TIP: A shortcut to this page is provided from the Support button on the home page of the app.


This allows you to choose an email address to send from  Mailshot with.

This must match an account that is set up on your device (on “Accounts & Passwords” in the Settings app)

If that account does not exist, or this is left blank, then your default email account will be used (as set on the “Mail” page in the Settings app)

100 Contacts

When enabled, MailShot will show a warning if you create a group containing more than 100 email addresses, as this exceeds the limit set by many email providers. See our support page for more information, and alternative solutions to this.

Play Sounds

This switch enables sounds in the app.

Email Subject Line

Use Group Name: This will set the subject line of any email sent from the app to the group name (You can still add or edit the subject, before you send.)

Add Text (Unsubscribe notice etc.)

Text: This text will be added to the bottom of any email sent from the app, above IOS’s signature line. This is useful for adding any contact information, or an unsubscribe message, which you want to appear on every email.

See this article for more on how to use this feature for unsubscribe notices

Add As HTML: This will interpret the text you add as an HTML string- which can contain links or text colours etc., (The entire email will then be sent as HTML.)

When Placing A Group In Bcc:

To: This places an address in the To line whenever you send to Bcc., because some email systems expect to always find something in the To line. You would normally put your own email address there.

Contact Names

These options determine how member’s names appear in your list, and how they are sorted.

Show Surname First will show the strings used for sorting the group. Typically this will be “Lastname, Firstname”

Sort On Full Name will sort your groups based on the member’s full name, not attempting to detect the surname.


Include Names: Whether or not to include names, as well as email addresses. This helps with Outlook compatibility

Use <> Whether to still surround each email address with <>, when names are disabled.

‘;’ as seperator: Use “;” as a separator instead of the Apple standard of “,”.

Send Email (Cc:) enables an extra menu option, to place groups in “Cc:” instead of “To:” or “Bcc:”

Copy To Clipboard

Include carriage return whether to add a carriage return between every line when copying to clipboard. (This is just to make it easier to read.)

Comma before name whether to place a comma before the contact name

Separator at end– finish the list with another , or ; character

Group Contacts

Create Group Contacts This controls whether MailShot creates special contacts in your address book for each group.

NOTE: These are only used to share groups to non-iOS devices. You cannot send email to them directly from Mail in iOS 9.0 and later.

Group Contact Settings change options for these contacts, , see This Page

Email Address Validity

Check On Add tests all email addresses for validity as they are added. This checks the address format to catch common errors such as forgetting the @ sign.

NOTE: Please let us know if you think you have an incorrect rejection, but this area of code has now been tested over several years and it is far more likely that your email address is incorrectly formatted (Perhaps with extra characters included?) than that it is being rejected incorrectly.

Check Address Is In Your Address Book

Scan Contacts: Whether to check your contacts

Red Highlight: Compare your mailshot addresses to your address book, and flag any that have changed. This may become slow with very large address books and very large mailshot groups.

Where App Data Is Stored

The next three options are to do with where MailShot saves its data, to allow sharing of data between the app and its share extension. It is not recommended that you change these.

Save To Shared Folder save app data to a folder accessible by the share extension. Default is enabled,

Save To Public Folder save app data to the public folder accessible by iTunes files sharing. Default is Disabled.

Load From Shared Folder If enabled the app loads from a folder accessible by the share extension. If not, it loads from the public folder accessible by iTunes files sharing. Default  is Enabled,

iCloud Settings

Use iCloud disables iCloud entirely from the app. You would only use this if it was causing you a problem, or if you want to force the app to resynchronise (turn it off, restart the device, run Mailshot, turn it on again, restart the device.)

Display Errors makes the app show error messages from iCloud itself.


Thanks for reading this guide, we hope you found it useful.

Again, if you have any problems please see our support page for answers to the most common user questions we receive.

If you are still stuck and need assistance, or have suggestions for features you would like to see in future versions of MailShot, please contact us on support@solubleapps.com.

If you find MailShot useful, please support our work by rating or reviewing us on the App Store if you can spare the time, it is always appreciated. A link is provided for this on the title page of the app.

Peter Johnson
Soluble Apps

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8 thoughts on “6: Mailshot Settings”

  1. I made a mistake when I created a new group. I named it Christmas List – 2014 instead of Christmas List – 2013. How do I edit & change it’s title?

  2. How do I change my own outgoing email address? I now want to use MailShot with my school-provided email address instead of my personal one.

    1. This is controlled by the Mail system in your device. Any new email will be created using the “default” email account.

      You can change this from the ‘Mail, Contacts Calendars’ page of the Settings app. Scroll down to the ‘Email’ panel, and change the account shown as ‘Default’

      You can also change the account used to send an individual email, by tapping the ‘Cc Bcc/From’ address line of the email before you send.

  3. Mailshot upgrade was working and now it is not. It says “this device is not configured to send emails”. Please fix it on my iPad.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Sabrina

      This is not a problem with MailShot. You will find that you now cannot send email from the Mail app on your device, or many other apps. (The Gmail app, which I would guess you are using, uses its own account settings).

      Set up your email account from the Mail page of the Settings app. If you do not have the Mail app on your device, reinstall it from the App Store.

      This will restore things to normal.

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