5: Sending Email, And Attachments

2015-09-14 16.53.28Sending From The MailShot App.

To create an email from MailShot- Select the group, then tap “Send Email (To:)” or “Send Email (Bcc:)”. Use “Bcc :” to hide email addresses for privacy.

To view the group before you send, tap the address line of the email. You can also make a temporary edit to the group there.

To select several groups at once: tap “Multi”,  select groups, then tap “Send”.

TIP: Sent emails are accessible from the “Sent” folder of the Mail app.
If you cancel and “Save to Drafts”, they are 
accessible from the “Drafts” folder of the Mail app.

Attaching Photos and documents

You can add attachments to an email, just as you would in the iOS Mail app:

Add a photo to an email

Tap and hold where you wish to add the photo, then release. Select “Insert photo or video” from the black pop-up menu.

TIP: The iPad has a shortcut button to insert photos provided above the keyboard. (iOS9 and higher)

TIP You can also share directly from the Photos app. See below.

Add a document to an email

In iOS9 you can add documentS from an iCloud drive, or Dropbox in a similar way.

Tap the right arrow again, and select “Add Attachment”.

add attachment

The “Location” button on the top menu bar selects which service to get documents from.


Sharing Documents From Other Apps (iOS 8 and above)

You can share files directly to a MailShot group from this button, which appears in tens of thousands of apps  or, in some cases, from a button marked “Share”.

This “Share Extension” can be used to share photos, documents, contacts, map locations, weblinks and many more items directly to your group. 

It creates an email addressed to your group, containing the relevant data. Use the “To:” and “Bcc:” selector to say which address line you would like the group placed into.

share extensions

TIP: If you cannot see a MailShot icon in the top row, scroll to the right, and tap “More” . You can also sort your extensions into order there, for faster access.

To share to several groups at once: tap “Multi”,  select your groups, and tap “Send”.

NOTE: If a file is not sharing as expected, try sharing to Mail and see if that gives a different result. If so, let us know ( unless the file is being shared from iCloud drive. There seem to be a few issues there, as Dropbox and other apps cannot share from it either)

Forwarding An Email
2015-09-14 16.54.06

MailShot is still one of very few apps which allow you to forward email to a group…

  1. Select a group in the MailShot app
  2. Tap “Copy to Clipboard”
  3. Switch to the Mail app
  4. Paste this group into the address line of your forwarded email. (Tap and hold, then select “Paste”)

To forward email to a shared group, see the section above.

Using Groups From Other iOS Devices.

2015-09-14 16.52.01NOTE: use iCloud instead, unless you are sharing to a pre-ios8.3 device

MailShot creates special group contacts which are shared to all your iOS devices.

To create email to a shared grop, select it in the Contacts app then tap its email address.

TIP: If you need to forward or send as Bcc: to a shared group, copy the address line from Contacts (long press, and”Copy”), and paste to the address line of your email in the Mail app. (long press, and “Paste”)

Multitasking MailShot alongside other apps 

(Requires iOS 9 or higher, and iPad Air or Mini 3 or newer )
Swipe from the righthand edge of the screen to show the multitasking window, then swipe down from the top of the screen to change the selected app.


This allows you to address your email very easily by popping up Mailshot, selecting a group and copying it to the clipboard, then pasting it to the address line in Mail.

This video shows iPad multitasking in action.


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27 thoughts on “5: Sending Email, And Attachments”

  1. If I have a group, let’s say “jokes,” and I want to send the email to everyone in the group but one or two people in that group, can I?

  2. I have an email in my inbox with a lot of recipients who I want to add to a MailShot group. How to do it without individually adding each person?
    If this isn’t a feature it should be.

  3. I have set up a group but I don’t want the list of contacts to be exposed. How do I make my list of contacts undisclosed to one another? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      This is a standard email feature.

      Just be sure to select “Send Email (Bcc)”, or paste the MailShot group in the “Bcc:” line of the email instead of the “To:” line.

      Soluble apps.

  4. I have created a group but when it updates it goes to gmail rather than my ipad contacts, how do I redirect the groups to my ipad contacts?

    1. Hi Jim

      Thanks for getting in touch with your question, we’ll do our best to help.

      This article on the support page explains how to choose where MailShot stores its contact.

      If you need further help, please send an email from the “Support” button on the title page of the app, so that we can see how your device is currently configured.


    1. Hi Betty,

      If you have any problem it is best to ask using the “support” button on the title page of the app. That sends us useful information about how your device is set up, which can often help to pinpoint your problem quickly.


    1. Hi

      You can access saved drafts from the Mail app. From there you can complete editing the email, and send it to the original group.

      NOTE: If editing a long email in MailShot, be sure to tap “cancel” and “save to drafts” before leaving it for a while. there is a possibility that iOS may close the email without saving if it needs the memory for another app.


    1. You can do that like this…

      1. Select the group for To:, then tap “Copy to clipboard”
      2. Select the other group, and tap “Send Email (Bcc:)”
      3. Paste into the “To:” line of the email. (Long-press on the To line, then select “Paste”)

      The email will now be addressed to both groups, in different lines.


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