4B: Adding multiple contacts with a checklist

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus - 2017-11-04 at 10.06.33

This allows you to add lots of contacts at once, from across multiple address books.

Tap “Import” on the contacts page, then select “Contacts Checklist” to see a list of all the contacts on your device. Set a check mark against all the ones you want to add.

If a contact has more than one email address, they will each be shown.

Addresses already included will not have a checkmark. (They are displayed so you can see if a contact already has an alternate address included.)

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8 thoughts on “4B: Adding multiple contacts with a checklist”

    1. There are a number of ways you can sort contacts in your group after you add them.

      Tap “Edit” and you will see a “sort” button appear on the bottom menu bar which sorts your contacts alphabetically, using the entire contact name. Alternatively you can use the grey drag handles that appear in this mode to arrange contacts into any arbitrary order you may wish.

      An automatic sort was added a few days ago. This is controlled from the MailShot page in the Settings app on your device. With the switch marked “Automatic sort” enabled, your contacts will be sorted whenever a new contact is added.

      Soluble Apps

      1. UPDATE:

        This is now done automatically

        Note that contacts are now ordered by lastname. If you want to order on the whole name, or view names as lastname, firstname, there are switches for this on the MailShot page of the Settings app.

  1. I have 1,500 contacts in Outlook. I separated 100 of these contacts in a subfolder in Contacts. How can I import these specific contacts in Mailshot Pro? When I try to do an import, it lists all 1500 contacts and i can’t seem to simply list the 100 I need.

  2. How do I transfer all the “cc contacts” from an email to me (using my iPhone) to a group of my contacts that I will be emailing in the future, using my iPhone. Doug

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