ShotList User Guide: Introduction


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ShotList is an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that schedules and tracks your shots using a mobile recreation of the “Production Strip Board” system used for many years by professional filmmakers.

What is a “Production Strip Board?”

A production strip board is a series of thin strips of card or paper, kept in a special folder which allows the strips to be easily moved around or held in place. Each strip holds the details of a single scene from the script, typically compiled by the 1st A.D.

Photo credit: Richard Indy Misener

Amongst other things, the strips feature the location, time of day and cast required for each scene. And they are often color-coded to indicate location types (Indoor/Outdoor) and times of day.

We can then assemble the shooting schedule into an efficient order by moving the strips so that, for example, all the shots required at a particular location in the early morning are shot together, using black “Day Marker” strips to separate shooting days.

A great thing about ShotList is that you can always have it with you, so it is always available to refer to on set, and becomes easy to make a rapid alteration should something unexpected occur, or weather conditions force a change in shooting order.

In addition to this scheduling rôle, ShotList can also be used to keep track of progress on the day. Each scene can be marked as “Done” as you move to the next one, “Delay” if you know that you are going to need to return to it on a later date, or “Cut” if you decide that it is really not going to work.

You may find viewing this walkthrough video helpful before you start, to orient you with the different sections.

In this guide we will take a look at each section of ShotList in turn.

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