Printing Out

You can print stripboards and details pages directly from your device to an Airprint-enabled printer.

If you don’t have an Airprint-compatible printer, you can connect a printer to the the USB port on an AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule, or email a PDF schedule to yourself to print out from another device.

To print a Stripboard and (optionally) Details pages for an entire project

Select the project on the Project page, and tap the print button (a square with an arrow coming from it) on the bottom menu bar. You will have three options.

  • Days per page” ON breaks the stripboard up into one day per sheet.
  • Detail Pages” ON prints detail pages as well as the stripboard.
  • Storyboards” ON includes storyboards on the detail pages.

Then select Printer Settings to bring up the standard print dialog.

TIP The print button is hidden if your device is not capable of printing.

Whether numbers or names are used to represent characters on the printed version is controlled with switches on the “Shotlist” page of the Settings app.

To print an individual scene

Select the scene you want to print, then tap the button at top right of the details page.

On to User Settings

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