4F: Pasting A String Of Contact Details

This is accessed from the “Import” button at the bottom of the Members page

MailShot can import a string of contact names and email addresses pasted into the text field on this page, and add them to a MailShot group. These email addresses can be copied from an email header, an email, or other document.

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When you paste a string, you will be shown how many contacts were detected, and can scroll through a list of the names and email addresses that were detected. Tap “Done” to add the ones you want to the current group.

MailShot will interpret most popular formats, broadly similar to this:

contact name <email address>, contact name <email address>, …

  • Separators may be commas, spaces , semicolons and/or carriage returns.
  • Contact names may be surrounded by inverted commas, or quotation marks.
  • For best results, ensure the actual email address is surrounded with < and >, (these may be omitted when the list only contains email addresses, and no contact names)

You will be warned about an invalid addresses being detected, or chunks of text that cannot be interpreted with a pop-up message.

NOTE  many email providers place limits on how many people you can address an email to. You should therefore consider splitting a large list up into smaller ones of under 50 or 100 addresses (Check with your email provider to discover their specific per-email sending limit). See this topic on our support page for more about this subject. We mention this here as the easiest time to split a group into smaller groups is often before you import it.

For tips and tricks for getting strings from PC or Mac, from received email, from Outlook, or from Spreadsheet programs, see this article on the Support Page.

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