GroupShot: Easy Groups In The Mail App

GroupShot creates groups in your default address book. You can send or forward email directly to them easily from the standard “Mail” app, by typing the group name in the address line.

You can create groups by selecting your contacts from a checklist, adding contacts manually in the app, or by importing a list of names and email addresses. GroupShot will handle all the complicated stuff about making sure contacts are in the right place to join a group, behind the scenes. (Creating new contacts, or copying them to your default addressbook.)


Your “default” addressbook is where new contacts are placed when you add them here or in Contacts, and this is also where GroupShot will place any new groups you create. You can select your default address book from the “Contacts” page in the Settings app.


Groupshot runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and also on M1-based Mac computers.

is designed to be used within the Mail app on iOS or Mac. (Groups can be used with Gmail accounts in the Mail app, but the Gmail APP and Gmail website do not know how to use them.)

You can find GroupShot on the App Store here . It’s a free download, with a subscription you can try for free for 3 days to explore fully unlocked.

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