PlayRight Support

Basic Instructions
Tap “Add player” to enter all your player names, then select how many players you need for each game (using the Up and Down arrows.)

Every time you tap “Next Game” the app will record how many times each player has participated, how long it was since they last played, and who has played against whom. These statistics will be used to pick the best combination of players for the next game.

Move handle

Editing the list
If you are unhappy with the selection of players (perhaps you wish not to pair particular players, or someone has requested to play in the next game?) tap “Edit”, then move players up or down in the list using the handles that appear to the right of the player name. If you move a player up into the coloured area, it becomes a higher priority (indicated by an up arrow against their name) or becomes a lower priority if you move them down into the grey area.

Priorities will be reset for the next game, or you can clear them from the “Menu” button.


Deleting Players
Tap “-” in edit mode, or swipe a player from right to left to remove them from all subsequent games.

This should only be used when players will leave for some time.

Adding New Players

Select “Add players” to add as many as you like (once the app is upgraded)

If you need to add players later, they will be given starting stats to match the current average of the other players, to level everyone up.

Your Next Session
When returning for the next session there are a few different options:

A) Continue with the same stats, perhaps adding or removing a player or two.

B) Reset all the player statistics, by selecting “Reset Play Counts” from the “Menu” button.

or C) Start again, by selecting “Delete All Players” from the “Menu” button.

Playwright is available free to try out with up to 4 players and games of up to 4, Upgrade to the full app to allow larger groups and numbers of players. This is a one-time purchase.

Support Questions
If you have any further questions, please contact me from within the app using the “Contact Us” button. This will give a little extra information about your device, and how the game is set up, allowing me to help you more efficiently.

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