4E: Manual Entry

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This feature is intended to allow you to enter contact data into MailShot without adding a contact to your address book.

Tap “Import” on the Members page, and select “Manual Entry”,

Type the name and email address into the boxes , or copy and paste them from a list (if you have more than a couple to add, see Pasting A String of Addresses)

All email addresses will be checked as they are added, and a message will be displayed if they do not appear to be correctly formatted.

If no contact name is entered, the email address will be used in its place.

The “Sort” field (not shown) allows you to edit the name used for sort if the surname is not automatically detected correctly, or to add something else at the start to sort on, such as a player number, or company name. (NOTE: This field is hidden when you enable “Sort On Full Name” on the Mailshot page of the Settings app, as the Sort field is then not used)

You may find these related articles on our support page useful
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2 thoughts on “4E: Manual Entry”

    1. Hi Patrick

      Manual Entry is one of the options on the menu that appears when you tap the “Import” menu (TIP tap the word “import”, not “+” next to it.)


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