4: Adding Contacts

MailShot provides many different ways to add contacts:

  1. Adding single contacts from your address book
  2. Adding multiple contacts with a checklist
  3. Importing an address book group
  4. Importing a MailShot group
  5. Manually adding a contact
  6. Pasting a string of contact details

Adding single contacts from your Address Book

Tap “+” at the bottom of the contacts list, or  on the bottom menu bar to add a single contact. If the chosen contact only has one email address, it will be added automatically.

If the contact has several email addresses, use the address picker to choose which email address, or addresses, to use.

TIP: You typically shouldn’t add every email address you have for a contact. It can be annoying to receive multiple copies of the same email.

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4 thoughts on “4: Adding Contacts”

  1. I have 3 different groups in MailShot that I want to combine into one group. Is there a way to do this without reimporting ?all the contacts

    1. Yes, there are a few choices.

      You don’t need to combine them, as you can send to several groups at once- tap “Multi” and select each one with a checkmark, then tap “Send” at top left of the page. This will ensure you are always using the current version of each group.

      Or you can create a new group, and import a group by tapping Import> Another MailShot group, then “all” to add everyone from that group, then repeat for the next group.

      In both cases duplicates will automatically be removed.

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