FAQ- Markdown Email Composer

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16 Mar 2015 15.32.39This special edition of FAQ adds support for Markdown, an easy way to mark up your text with formatting, text size, lists web links and linked images from a plain text editor. (you can read more about Markdown itself here.) 

If you ever find yourself handling the same questions from customers, or repeating yourself to team members, colleagues or pupils in your emails, then FAQ literally has the answers for you. With FAQ, you can easily respond with a customised email to the common queries you receive, in just a few seconds.

FAQ is an “Email Composer” which holds the answers to the questions your customers most often ask. It also holds a range of opening and closing phrases  to match the tone of the enquiry, and images, maps or diagrams you may need. All included by simply checking a button.

In this video we explain how the FAQ system works, and then show it being used to answer a complex customer email with a few clicks.

  • Assemble a custom reply from a series of answers, and suitable opening and closing phrases.
  • Copy and paste images, maps and diagrams from other apps or the photo library.
  • Include lists, fonts, text colour, web links and linked images, using the Markdown system.
  • Preview mode shows how marked-up text will appear before you save your edits.
  • Edit and reorder material easily, to update information or change the order it appears in your reply.
  • FAQ can also hold a selection of complete prewritten email responses.

At Soluble we now answer most support emails for all our products using FAQ on our iOS devices instead of from the desktop, as it is so much easier. This app cuts down on the repetitive grind of typing the same information over and over on a mobile device, so we can spend our support time more effectively- even when we are out of the office.

Every review has been 5 star. Here are some comments from our US users

★★★★★ “Must-have app for business” – Steve Kay
★★★★★ “Elegant to use…setup was a breeze.” – Jeremy Neas
★★★★★ “Slick, professional, right on the mark” – tahster
★★★★★ “Saves TONS of time. Would love a desktop version so I can use it for ALL my correspondence” – J Saulter
★★★★★ “Totally awesome!!. I searched for months and bought other apps before finding this jewel !…” – UH60Av8or
★★★★★ “When I bought this, I needed it for emails, but didn’t realize then all the other uses I could put it to. Thanks so much!” – PiecatGirl

Please let us know by email if you need help, have any questions, or have any requests for future enhancements. We are always happy to hear from you.

FAQ- Markdown Email Composer works with iPhone 5, 4s, 4, 3GS, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini, and is available now on the App Store.

2 thoughts on “FAQ- Markdown Email Composer”

  1. I want to pay 3.99 for up graded mail shot. System is asking for a finger print???? can I pay with cc or in my itunes account??

    1. Hi

      Upgrading is handled through the App Store, it will use whichever payment method you have set up on the AppStore page in Settings.

      The fingerprint verifies that it is you, and confirms that you wish to make a purchase.

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