4C: Importing Address Book Groups

This lets you rapidly import some or all of the contacts from an old-style address book group into a MailShot group.

Tap “Import” on the Members page and “Address Book Group” then select the group you wish to import from.

MailShot will display a checklist of the contacts and email addresses contained in the group. Deselect any you don’t want to import.

You can re-import the group again at a later date to pick up any additions. To help you spot any changes or removals, MailShot highlights any email addresses that are no longer contained in your address book in red.

TIP: Address book groups cannot be created or edited on your device using Apple’s standard apps. They are typically edited on a PC or a Mac then synched to the device. See our support page for some tips on exporting contact groups from Outlook and Outlook Express.

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9 thoughts on “4C: Importing Address Book Groups”

  1. i am not able to send an email to the entire group from my mail shots group list. it only goes to the 1st person on the group list. How can i send the email to the entire group?

    1. Hi Jan

      This is almost always caused by how you address the email.

      It is best to write your group email in the MailShot app, you can add images and attachments just as you do in the Mail app.

      To forward a received email, select the group in Mailshot, tap “copy to clipboard” then paste it to the address line of the email in the Mail app.

      If you have any problems, drop me a line on our support email address (support at solubleapps.com) and I’ll be happy to help.

      Soluble Apps

  2. I cannot find the import Button on iPad / mailshot iOS 6. How do I add adresses from an existing Adress Book Group to a Mailshot Group?

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