User Settings

You can change a number of user preferences in the Settings app.

Open the Settings app, then scroll down to the ShotList icon and tap on it.

Use Cast Numbers

These switches control whether numbers or names are used to represent characters. You can control this seperately for the strip board, details page and XLS.

The option you select for the strip board also affects how characters appear in PDFs and when the data is printed.

Show Notes On Top Of Storyboards.

These switches control when data is overlaid over shots on the Gallery page.

PDF Options These control what is included whenever a PDF is output. Whether or not to include detail pages, storyboards etc. and whether to ensure each day gets its own page on the stripboard.

Show Tutorials enables tutorial messages within ShotList. These are intended to assist the first time you use the app, and only appear in certain conditions (such as when no details have yet been entered for a scene). These messages can be disabled within the app, this option re-enables them if you accidentally disabled them.

Play Sounds plays sound effects as you use the app. This option is disabled by default.

Save to Camera Roll will save a high resolution backup copy to the Photos section of your device for any photos you take in ShotList. To reduce memory size and wireless data bandwidth, ShotList stores its images at a lower resolution, optimised to your device’s screen. This option also places a higher quality version in your camera roll, in case you need them for reference.

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