Credits and Thanks


All design, coding and graphics by Peter Johnson
©2011-19 Soluble Apps

ShotList was part-financed by:
Northern Film + Media

Thanks to:

Ian McLaughlin for his original suggestion, and his partner Bev Fox at Magic If Ltd. for letting me play with their toys occasionally, and giving me insight into video production processes along the way. It’s always fun to work with you guys.

Roxy Bramley, Ewan McIntosh, Tom Harvey and Dan Brain at Northern Film + Media for their support during development. for sound effects.

My fellow developers at for their generous advice (even when I wasn’t normally the one asking the original question.)

Adrian Lopez at Liquid Light Digital,  Michael Petty at No Coast Video, Peter Freeman at Freeman Films, Remo Pini at Avexys and Oliver Waghorn for their valuable input on potential updates to ShotList. Much appreciated.

And to my son, Robert Johnson, for additional bugtesting.

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