Emailing A Full-color PDF Schedule

iOS Simulator Screen shot 5 Jun 2014 01.35.29

You can email a .pdf file containing the schedule and details pages for the project.

This allows someone to view or print their own copy of the schedule in full colour even if they don’t have Shotlist. (pdf files can be easily read in Safari, and a number of other apps and browsers.)


Select the project on the Project page and tap the email button (an envelope) on the bottom menu bar

Select “Send Schedule As .PDF”

iOS Simulator Screen shot 5 Jun 2014 01.37.42

You will see the email dialogue where you can add contacts to the team for this project, select who gets this particular email, and choose what content you want in your PDF.

  • Days per page” controls whether the stripboard is broken up into days
  • Detail Pages” controls whether detail pages are printed as well as the stripboard
  • Storyboards” controls whether storyboards are included on the detail pages.
  • “Cast & Locs” controls whether the characters and location sheets are included.

Tap “Send” to create the email.

TIP Whether characters are represented by numbers or names on the PDF can be selected using switches on the “Shotlist” page of the Settings app.

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