Entering Scene Details

This page is used for viewing and editing scene details, and also on the day of the shoot to update the status for each scene as you complete it.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 4 Jun 2014 21.50.50

TIP: To rapidly move between scenes, swipe up or down on the screen.

TIP: You can enter as much or as little information as you like on this page, it is a trade-off between amount of data entry and usefulness to you.

If a category of information, such as script page number, is irrelevant to you then simply omit it. For example, if a production is studio-based, you may not need the INT/EXT and time of day information.

To set a scene number or description tap the appropriate window, and enter the data as text. Other items have specific interfaces…

iOS Simulator Screen shot 4 Jun 2014 21.54.56Location Selectors

To set the Location tap the “location” window. This brings up the location selector page.

Type a new location name into the top area, or tap to choose one of the existing locations.

If you select an existing location, then edit its name, ShotList will ask whether you want to rename that location throughout the project. (TIP: On iPad, tap outside the message box if you do not want to rename a location.)

If you decline, a new location will be created.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 4 Jun 2014 21.56.12

To set Location Type, tap the second window.

This brings up a spinner on which you can select the location type from INT, EXT, I/E (for INT/EXT) and GRN (for green screen work). The second spinner is used to set the time of day.

Page Number and Scene Length

To set Page Number, or Scene Length, tap the appropriate window then use the spinner to enter a value.

Scene length is entered in pages, and eighths of a page.

Cast Selector

iOS Simulator Screen shot 4 Jun 2014 21.54.51To choose cast for a scene, tap the “cast” window. This brings up a page where you can tap checkmarks to add existing characters to the scene, or “+” to create new characters.

“All” and “None” provide shortcuts to select or deselect all cast members from a scene.

TIP: You could also use this area to list crew members that were only needed for certain shots, such as specialist makeup or other items such as trained animals.

TIP: You could group a number of cast together if you wished- for example:if you have 5 extras for a particular location who always appear together, they may be listed as a single item- “5 villagers”- rather than itemised.

To delete cast members, either a) use the standard iOS method of swiping from right to left across their name, or b) tap “Manage” in the top menu bar, then tap a red “-” to delete.

To reorder the cast list, tap “Manage” in the top menu bar, then drag cast strips into place using the grey drag handles that appear.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 5 Jun 2014 00.24.26The Notes window

To edit or view notes, tap the notes window.

This takes you to the Notes screen, which has two modes- one is to view text and access hotlinks, the other is to edit the notes.

The “View” or “Edit” button toggles between modes on that screen

Shots and Storyboards

Each scene can comprise of a number of “shots”, each with notes and a storyboard or location image.

You can view thumbnails for all the shots in a scene in a vertical or horizontal strip along the bottom or right hand side of the screen.


To add a shot, tap the frame containing a green “+”

To edit or view shot details, tap a shot image.

To see more shots, swipe left and right to scroll in Portrait mode- (or swipe up and down in Landscape mode.)

To toggle status for a shot, double tap the image. (A red cross is used to indicate that a shot has been completed.)


To go to the shot gallery, which shows all shots from scene to scene in shooting order, tap the camera icon.


To print the details page for a single scene, tap the print button at the top right of the details page. (To print a whole project, see Printing With AirPrint)

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