Viewing Shot Details and Storyboards

The Gallery page lets you review and sort multiple shots for each scene.

camerawhite@2xYou get here by tapping the camera icon on the Stripboard or Scene Details page.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 5 Jun 2014 00.35.39

To View, Add or Edit a Shot, use a short tap to take you to the Shot screen.

Toggle shot status with a double-tap. This adds or removes the red X

To Change the shooting order, tap and hold, to drag shots into place.

To Toggle data  displayed over the shot images, tap the “Show Text” or “Hide Text” button at top right. Images are dimmed when data is displayed.

Swipe up or down to view earlier or later scenes.

TIP: You don’t have to use this feature just for shots and storyboards, you could also use it to store test shots for a location, or continuity pics for each scene as you shoot.

On to Editing Shot Details.

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