Backup And Share With DropBox

Dropbox is a free service that provides up to 2GB storage to share files between devices, and with the other members of your team. For more information on Dropbox see

ShotList projects are folders, containing data and image files. To save your upload time and data costs, we only store images at screen resolution and only re-send data that has changed.

Registering for DropBox

The first time you use Dropbox on your device you will need to enter your username and password. If you don’t already have an account, create one using the option here.

Once you have entered your username and password, you will not need to re-enter them each time you connect.

Managing folders in Dropbox

Create a new folder by tapping “Manage”, and then “+ Create New Folder”

TIP: We recommend you create a “ShotList” folder in Dropbox, to keep your projects separate from other Dropbox files.

Select a folder by tapping on its name, you will be taken inside it (unless it is a Shotlist project folder, in which case you will be asked if you want to import it or enter it- see below)

To delete a Dropbox folder or file, tap “Manage”, then tap the red “-” icon against the item you wish to delete and confirm with the red “delete” button which appears.

To rename a Dropbox folder or file, tap “Manage”, then tap the item you wish to rename. Changing a Shotlist folder name will also change the project name it is imported as.

To leave “Manage” mode, tap “done” in the top right hand corner of the screen.

To return to the Project screen, tap Cancel.

TIP: To move a folder use the DropBox web tools, see below.

Leave a folder by tapping on “Parent Folder”

Managing Dropbox projects

Export a project to Dropbox by navigating to the desired location and tapping “+ Export Project”. A new folder will be created there, named as your project, containing its files.

Import a project from Dropbox by selecting its name. A dialogue box will appear asking if you want to import the project. Importing the project will overwrite any local project of that name.

TIP: If you choose not to import a project it will become your current Dropbox folder. Please take extra care not to create ShotList folders inside each other when navigating the path in this way

Sharing a project with others

You can
share or move a project between devices (such as an iPhone and iPad) by logging each one in using the same Dropbox account and exporting and importing the project files.

To share a project between different users, you will need to set up sharing on your folder using the Dropbox web tools, either on your mobile device or from a computer.

  1. Visit using a browser and tap “Log In” at the top right of the web page.
  2. Navigate to the parent folder of the folder you wish to share.
  3. Select “Share Folder”, then select it.
  4. Enter the email address of the person you would wish to share the folder with.
  5. When they accept your invitation to share your folder, they can access it through their own DropBox account.

It is up to you how you manage folders, You can share only the folder containing a single project (with people you only work with on that project), or share all of your ShotList projects with people you regularly partner with.

Be very aware, however, that a folder can also be written to by someone you share it with!

TIP: You can create a separate private folder to keep backups of your project in. Although someone altering a project you have shared will only affect you when you then import it yourself, keeping your own backup is always a wise precaution.

TIP: If you want several people to be able to work on a project’s files together, you will need to reach agreement on who has access at which stage of the project to avoid overwriting each other’s work, and each person will need to ensure they download the latest version of the project before making any changes.

Duplicating a ShotList Project

You can use Dropbox as a sneaky way of duplicating a project.

  • Save your current project to Dropbox.
  • Rename the project to your new name.
  • Load the original project back in from Dropbox.

Loading Storyboard images from Dropbox

If your storyboard images are in Dropbox, you can add them to a shot by selecting “From Files” from the shot import menu, instead of “Camera” or “Photo Library”.

To change source between iCloud, Dropbox etc. Tap “Location” at the top left of the menu bar.

On To Import and Export as .XLS

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