Backup And Share With iTunes

We recommend that you use Dropbox to back up ShotList data, or transfer it between devices, but you can also use iTunes file sharing.

Copying the project, renaming it on the PC or Mac and then copying it back can also be used as a way to duplicate a project.

Copying files from your device

  • Connect the device with your current data to iTunes (it will probably start to sync)
  • Select your device’s name in the list to the left of the screen
  • Select “Apps” in the menu bar that appears towards the top of the iTunes screen (It starts “Summary”, “Info”, “apps”)
  • Below the area where you can move apps around on your device, you will find a section called “File Sharing”
  • Select “ShotList” in that section.
  • You will see a folder for each of your ShotList projects.
  • Select the folders you want to copy.
  • Click on “Save to”, select a directory, and click “select folder” (or drag and drop).

To copy to another device

Reverse this procedure

  • Ensure ShotList is installed on your second device, then reboot it (so that ShotList is definitely not running)
  • Plug the second device into iTunes, and go to the “File Sharing” section for this device.
  • Click on “add” and find the files you saved previously to your machine in the window that pops up. Click “open” to load them.

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