Soluble Support

We have created a page to hold the questions we receive most often for each app, and their answers.

Please check the support page for your app to see if your problem is already covered there:

“MailShot” Support and How-to guides

TextShot Support

ShotList Support and How-to guides

FAQ Support

“Ultimate Charades” Support and How-to guides

Most of our apps include a Support button on the title page. If you need to contact us, please use this button to contact us, as this will tell us a little about how your device is set up and configured, which will help us to help you faster.

If your app does not include this option, then please email us directly on, and we will do our best to help resolve your problems.

Please also get in touch if you think there is anything we could improve or add to our applications, as we are always striving to improve your user experience in any way we can.

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