MailShot 6.0 Release Notes

Mailshot 6.0 adds support for iOS 11 and for the unique iPhone X screen, it also features a big graphical update (its third or fourth since launch.)

iOS 11 made changes which broke the sharing of links from Safari and  multiple photos from the Photos app, and this update fixes those issues (and improves some others)

We should have an updated tutorial video in the next few days, but it was felt to be worth getting the new version out there for anyone lucky enough to get a shiny new iPhone X.

As usual, if you have any issues, or just want to let me know how the new version feels, please drop me a line from the Support button in the app, as that includes some useful diagnostic information.


The information below is for users who have not updated iOS since iOS9

Changes introduced in iOS9

Due to changes that Apple made to the Mail system in iOS9, different techniques are needed to those you may have used in MailShot in earlier versions of iOS.

MailShot provides several different ways to send and forward email. These are demonstrated in this video, and covered below


How Do I Edit a Group?i

To view or edit an existing group, tap (i)

Sending To A Group.

To create a new email, select a group in MailShot. Then tap  “Send Email”

2015-09-14 16.53.28

There are two choices here- “Bcc:” hides the group’s email addresses for privacy, “To:” allows them to remain visible.

To select several groups at once– tap “Multi” at top right,  select a few groups, then tap “Send” to go to the send menu.

To view addresses before you send, tap the address line of the email. (By doing this you can also delete any address, or add more  before you send.)


Inserting Photos and Documents

You can insert items into an email the same way you would in the Mail app.

To insert Photos into an email: tap where you would like to insert, long-press and release, then tap the triangle on the black pop-up menu to select “Insert Photo or Video”.

(Or use the photo shortcut button that appears above the iPad keyboard in iOS9.)

To insert documents from iCloud Drive or Dropbox: select where you would like to insert, long-press and release, then tap the triangle on the black pop-up menu to choose “Add Attachment”. Tap “locations” to change between iCloud Drive and other sources of documents.

Sharing Documents To Groups From Other Apps

(Requires iOS 8 or higher) You can share files directly to a MailShot group from this button, which appears in tens of thousands of apps (or, in some cases, from a button marked “Share”.94Hnd

This “Share Extension” can be used to share photos, documents, contacts, map locations, weblinks and many more items directly to your group. It will create an email addressed to your group, containing the relevant data.

share extensions

Use the “To:” and “Bcc:” selector to say which address line you would like the group placed into.

TIP: If you cannot see a MailShot icon in the top row, scroll to the right, and tap “More” . You can also sort extensions into order, for faster access.

Tap “Multi” to share to multiple groups at once.

NOTE: If a file is not sharing as expected, try sharing to Mail and see if that gives a different result. If so, let us know and we will take a look.


Forwarding An Email

MailShot is one of the very few apps that allows you to forward email to a group…

  1. Select a group in the MailShot app
  2. Tap “Copy to Clipboard”
  3. Switch to the Mail app
  4. Paste this group into the address line of your forwarded email. (Tap and hold, then select “Paste”)

2015-09-14 16.54.06

To forward email to a group created on another device, see the next section.

Sending To Groups From Other Devices.

NOTE: We have now added iCloud sharing between iOS devices, which means you no longer need to do this in many cases. The information below is only needed for sharing to an older device that cannot run iOS8.3 and above. 

MailShot creates special group contacts that are shared across all your iOS devices.

To create an email to a shared group, select it in the Contacts app then tap its email address.2015-09-14 16.52.01

TIP: If you need to forward or send as Bcc: to a shared group, copy the address line from Contacts (long press, and”Copy”), and paste to the address line of your email in the Mail app. (long press, and “Paste”)

iPad Multitasking

(Requires iOS 9 or higher, and iPad Air or Mini 3 or newer )
Swipe from the righthand edge of the screen to show the multitasking window, then swipe down from the top of the screen to change the selected app.


This allows you to address your email very easily by popping up Mailshot, selecting a group and copying it to the clipboard, then pasting it to the address line in Mail.

This video shows iPad multitasking in action.


The “More” menu contains options to easily Rename, Duplicate or Delete a group.

2015-09-14 17.47.06

You can also Split a large group into several groups of less than 100 contacts,  to avoid a limit on contacts per email imposed by many services. The split option only appears when you have more than 50 in your group.

Where Can I Go For Help?

If you have a problem not covered above or on our Support Page or User Guide, please drop me a line from the “Support” button in the app, clearly explaining your problem.

I may be able to suggest solutions or workarounds for you.

20 thoughts on “MailShot 6.0 Release Notes”

  1. Have updated to iOS 9 and have tested your first workaround using the clipboard feature and forwarding an email to a Group. It works nicely. Too bad Apple’s iOS 9 changes forced this upon everyone! Thanks for your efforts in coming up with this first solution.

    Bob Archell

    1. Sure. As you don’t say which method you are using, I will cover them all.

      To “blind copy” you just tap the “Send email (Bcc:)” button in MailShot when sending your email

      Or, if forwarding, paste into the “Bcc:” line of the email.

      If starting your mail from Contacts then long press the email address to copy it, then switch to the Mail app and paste to the “Bcc:” line, or (if it’s a very small group) tap the address, and transfer contacts to the Bcc line, by dragging.

  2. Thanks for this fast solution as got up and first thing I need to do is send a group email. Why don’t they want larger group em from mail program? Will try now.

  3. How can I send a document from pages to a group? So disappointing that Apple has done this. Thanks for your work in trying to address the situation.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You can use the share extension to do just this.

      Instead of sharing from an app to the Mail icon, you select the icon for MailShot, choose a group, and send. For more details see the article above


  4. Hi Gregg

    The update did not seem to download automatically for some users. I am not sure why, as this process is managed by the App Store.

    You should be able to go to the App Store app and select “MailShot” or “MailShot Pro” there. It is important that you download the correct version- (“MailShot” is a free app, upgraded through an in-app purchase. “MailShot Pro” is a paid app.)

    When upgraded, they both work the same, this is simply a way to provide different purchase options for people who requested it.

  5. I am so grateful for your help! I send out several group emails daily. I just updated to ios9 today and was dumbfounded when I was notified by someone they did not receive any emails from me. I started studying your information on how to forward an email. It worked! Thank you!! If this 68 yr old Grandma can figure this out then anyone can! Thank you for your clear teaching!

    1. You are welcome Hemant. We have more to come, too.

      If you find MailShot useful, a review on the App Store is always very much appreciated after an update, as all our review scores are reset. (A link is provided for this on the “Rate” button on the title page of MailShot.)

  6. So I just want to be clear.

    In iOS 9 we can no longer start an email in Mail, touch the “+” button and add one of our MailShot-created groups?

    1. Hi

      Mailshot is built upon the email system on your iOS device. An automatic unsubscribe option is only possible for a web-hosted email service such as

      As best practice for Mailshot groups, you should add a line at the bottom of your mailouts to give instructions for unsubscribing- something like “To unsubscribe, please reply with ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ at the top of the page.” Then remove anyone that asks right away.


  7. I have a iPad Air for a few years and recently the latest Apple update..11.0 has taken away the ability to slide left on any screen and have access to ur great app. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Susan,

      You can still slide left from off the right of the screen on an iPad Air to multitask (I have just checked that I can still do this on mine.) Is there something else you are trying to do?.

      1. Peter You are right in your answer but there are limitations.

        As you know, I have an iPad Air. There is a difference since iOS 11. Formerly you could have several apps that you could call in from the right side of the screen, but now you can only have one at a time. You have to move the app up there to the right side from the dock at the bottom.

        For example, from an email I used to be able to slide in Pages and then MailShot. Now I have to choose which I want up there. I leave MailShot there permanently now.

        Apple says it is because the models of iPad prior to the PRO don\’t have enough memory. With the PRO you can have as many apps available to slide in as you wish.

  8. Here’s how…
    From the Dock

    Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to invoke the Dock. Tap and drag on an app in the Dock to invoke Multitasking mode. Drag the app out of the Dock up to the screen.

    1. Thanks for your additional clarification Tom. Yes that new method allows you to switch between several apps easily, once you get the hang of it.

      TIP If you need access to more apps, you can create folders on the dock too, each containing multiple apps.

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