MailShot builds group email into your favourite IPhone and iPad apps

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8th April 2011

MailShot builds group email into your favourite iPhone and iPad apps

Soluble Applications announced today that a new update is available for “MailShot”, its groundbreaking app that adds the ability for iPhone and iPad users to easily send email to groups of people right from within their favourite apps.

Mailshot creates special contacts in the address book that enable its users to email groups of family or friends, or their work or sports teams from within any mail-compatible app by selecting a single contact. This unique approach integrates seamlessly with the iPhone mail system, retaining any attachments added by the app. You can even use Mail to forward an email to a group of people with all its attachments intact.

MailShot is the first app to integrate this “distribution list” capability right into every mail-capable app. This latest update brings enhancements to the contacts handling in MailShot, and provides a number of additional features requested by users.

Peter Johnson, the developer of the app, said: “ We pride ourselves on the quality of our support. Its great to see so many people out there enjoying your work, and the numbers are growing faster every week as word spreads. The speed of change on the App Store is exhilarating, its fantastic to be able to deliver these extra features to people within just a few weeks of user requests.”

MailShot is available now as a free download on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A simple in-app upgrade allows users to create and email up to fifty different groups, each containing up to fifty people.

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Contact: Peter Johnson

About Soluble Applications:

Soluble Applications is a development studio targeting mobile devices. The studio was founded in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2010 by Peter Johnson, a seasoned veteran of the videogames industry with with over 25 years’ experience as a Programmer, Producer and Studio Head, working on console titles for world-leading games publishers including 2K Games, Atari and Ubisoft.

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