MailShot support- version 1.40 solutions

As you will have read, shortly after the release of version 1.40 of MailShot, we discovered a problem with Exchange Wireless Synch clients. This caused a crash when it tries to bring up the new “address picker” window.

We fixed the issue within a few hours and submitted the new version to Apple for approval, we expect it to become available on the App Store between the 23rd and 27th of May, but it could be sooner or later than that.

There are four possible workarounds to tide you over in the week or so until the update, which we are presenting them here to give you all the available options.  Obviously none are ideal, and the best choice for you depends on your individual circumstances therefore they are not given in an order of preference.

A) Sit Tight.

Any MailShot-created contacts already on your device will continue to work as before without any of these workarounds, so doing nothing is potentially an option-  if you only have very minor additions needed to a group, you could add extra contacts manually into the address line when you send to a MailShot group.

B) Use iTunes to synch your contacts instead of Exchange.

  1. Disable Exchange wireless synch using the switch provided for the relevant mail account in the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” area of the Settings app (this temporarily removes them from your device.)
  2. Plug your device into iTunes.
  3. Enable synchronisation of your contacts with Google/Gmail on the device page in iTunes.

This is a complete solution, and you can change back again just as easily after you receive the MailShot update.

C) Enable “Auto Add All” (then be very, very careful!)

  • Go into the Settings app and find the entry for MailShot.
  • Enable the “Auto Add All” slider.

Now when you add a contact with multiple email addresses they will all be added, avoiding the troublesome screen. You should then delete any addresses that you didn’t intend to add (by tapping the edit button at top right). MailShot groups all the addresses for a contact together to make this process easier.

The biggest snag with this approach is that you need to avoid just tapping a contact line on that screen at any point, as this will try to bring up the “address picker” to edit the selected address, which in turn will cause a crash. To minimise lost work, I would recommend you press “update” every few minutes.

D) Join our Test Pilot scheme

We still have a number of spots available on our free Test Pilot program, so we could share the new version with you before its released. Simply let us know that you’d like to join and we’ll enrol you.

You will receive an email from TestFlight which installs their easy-to-use free app, and sends us a device number which we use to create a build that will only run on your device. You install it with a click from a second email we send when its ready.

This is perhaps the easiest way to get you running again, just let us know if you’d like to try it and we’ll set things in motion.


Again, we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused, and hope to be back to normal service very soon. Thanks for your messages of support, we do appreciate them all.

Please let us know by emailing if you need further help.

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