MailShot Walk-Throughs

I will be updating this walkthrough very soon to cover the features added in 1.41

A shortened video version of this walk-through is now available for those who are just starting out with MailShot.

For a fuller description of what to watch out for at each step if you already know the basics, you may like to try the pictorial walk-through below

We’ll go step-by-step on the expected behaviour of the app so we can work out where any problem lies. It will also be quite useful if you are reporting a problem if you can tell us at which of these steps the problem occurs for you.

1. Tap on the MailShot icon, the program opens.

2. You should see a “Groups” list, which will initially be empty. Tap on the last line (the one with the blue “+”) to create a new group.

3. Name your new group. Tap “Done” to finish.

4. You will now be taken to a page headed with the name of your new group. Tap the last line with the blue “+” to add a contact to your group.

5. Your current address book contacts list opens up. Find and select the contact you wish to add.

HINT: If you don’t see the contact you are looking for, maybe you are looking in the wrong address book? Tap “Groups” at the top left of the screen, then select “All Contacts” from the Groups screen.

6. You should see the name of the contact, and their picture (or more likely a silhouette) and the email addresses you have for that contact. Tap on the one you want to use for this contact.

TIP: If there are a few addresses to choose from, choose the appropriate address for your new group ( if it’s a group of friends, then you probably want to use their “home” email, for example.)

TIP: If you want your MailShot group to send emails to several addresses for this person, just return later and add the additional addresses to your MailShot group.

HINT: If you don’t see an email address shown on this page, you probably don’t have one for that contact.

7. You should now see the contact that you added listed in MailShot.

TIP: Tapping “Edit” on this page will show the email addresses you have chosen for each person. It also lets you delete or re-order contacts

TIP: The check mark to the right of each row controls whether that contact is included in the group, this allows you to temporarily add and remove contacts quickly.

You can now add another contact if you like by repeating from step 4, or continue…

8. Tap the UPDATE button to create the group in your address book.

9. You return to the Groups page in MailShot, where your new group is now listed. Press “OK” to confirm.

10. When you next go to your Contacts app, you should see a shiny new MailShot Group nestled among your contacts, under the group name you chose for it.

HINT: If you can’t see your new MailShot Group, it could be that you are looking at a different address book. Tap “Groups” in the top left corner and select “All Contacts” from the groups screen.

11. How your MailShot group appears in a Contacts app on iPhone. You can now choose this contact from your address book in ANY other mailing application.

NOTE: We recommend you use a Mail-based app for emailing and not Contacts, as the Contacts app uses a different system to all the other apps for handling contacts.

One last thing (to borrow from a certain Mr. Jobs)…

When you manage to get things going, do please post a star rating and review on the App Store if you find MailShot useful, we need and appreciate your support in getting the word out.

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