Mailshot: Troubleshooting iCloud Synchronisation

If you have any difficulty please check these points before contacting us:

  • Each device should be running the same edition of MailShot (Either “MailShot”/”MailShot Upgraded” OR “MailShot Pro”)

  • Each device should be running the latest version of the app (the version number appears at top right of the title page.)

  • Each device should be running iOS 8.3, or higher.
  • Check the iCloud page of the Settings app to verify that you are signed into the same iCloud account on each device, and that the switch for iCloud Drive is enabled.

  • Check that you have a good wi-fi or mobile data connection from both devices.

Note: After the initial synchronisation completes, MailShot will automatically synchronise changes whenever you return to the list of groups (but it wont do anything if you just watch the page).

You can also manually refresh from that page with a “Pull to refresh” (pull downwards on the list, until a spinner appears, then release.)

As always, if you need any further assistance, please let me know with an email using the Support button in the app from both devices . This will let me see how they are both configured.

See MailShot Support for more general hints on troubleshooting MailShot
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