4D: Importing another MailShot group

There are now two ways to do this

Tap “Import” then “Another MailShot Group” to add contacts rapidly from another Mailshot group, using a checklist to select which contacts to add (Use “All” or “None” for rapid selection)

Or you can reimport a MailShot group from your address book. This is very useful to restore lost groups (after a backup failure), or to import and manage a group contact that someone shared to you as a .vcf file.

  1. Tap “+”, and select the MailShot-created contact from your address book.
  2. Select the contacts that you want to import, from the checklist that appears.
  3. Tap “Done”, then “Update” the group to write it to your address book.

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2 thoughts on “4D: Importing another MailShot group”

    1. Hi,

      Select a group, tap “copy to clipboard”, then paste this into the body of an email to the other person.

      TIP If they also happen to have MailShot, they can”paste from address string” to turn it back into a MailShot group.


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