Migrating Google Contacts to iCloud

iCloud address books work well with MailShot to enable Group Email all over your iPhone or iPad. iCloud will synchronise the group contacts that MailShot creates between your devices.

You can migrate to iCloud by creating a local copy of your Google contacts on your device, and then synchronizing that with iCloud. You will only need to do this process once, for one of your devices, any other devices will then pick them up from iCloud.

Note that this process is a one-time deal, as your contacts will no longer synchronise with Google once you have migrated them.

  • Backup your contacts in GMail for safety (select “More”, then “Export”)
  • Turn the “Contacts” slider off on the iCloud page of your device if it is on.
  • If you currently sync contacts wirelessly using Exchange: Go to the “Mail, contacts, calendars” page of the Settings app on your device and turn off the “Contacts” slider for your Exchange account.
  • Now go to iTunes on your PC or Mac, and connect your device to it in the way you usually do (either using USB, or by checking the box on the device’s “Summary” tab to enable sync over WiFi).
  • Select your device in the pane on the left, then go to the “Info” tab and select “Sync Address Book Contacts”, “All Contacts” and “Sync Google Contacts” in that panel, signing in with your Google information if prompted.

This will synchronise your Google contacts to your device. (Notice the spinning icon in the navigation bar at the top of your device’s screen)

  • When sync is complete, uncheck “Sync Address Book Contacts” , and select “Don’t remove contacts” in the pop-up that appears (as we want the Google contacts to stay on your device.)
  • Turn on the “Contacts” slider in the iCloud page of the Settings app on your device, and select “Merge” to get those Google contacts into iCloud.

If you find any of this process difficult to follow, you can watch a video of the process here

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