Otto Support

This page will provide the answers to all the most common questions we receive from users of this app.

How can I get further help?

If you cannot find the answer here, please email us using the “Support” button,  available from the side menu in the app.

How does Otto decide when journeys start and stop?

The iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 plus contain a low-energy motion detection chip, which constantly monitors your acceleration and movement, and this decides whether it thinks you are still, walking, running or in a vehicle. We use this to start and stop location recording.

The chip can occasionally become confused- If you get out of a vehicle and immediately start to run, for instance, it may take some time to decide that you are no longer in a vehicle.

How can I see what time a journey began and ended?

On the Details page, tap and hold any Start or End marker on the map to see its timestamp.

What is a journey type, how do I change it, and how do I select which types of trip I see?

The journey type marks which trips you wish to reclaim expenses for.  The type is indicated by a briefcase icon (Business), a house (Personal), or a question mark (for those that have not yet had a type assigned.)

Tap the selector at the bottom of the Trips page to choose which types of trip to view there.

To edit the type for a trip, select it to go to the Details page, then tap the Type selector.

A report will only include business trips by default. You can also include personal and unset trips by enabling a setting before you generate it.




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