Emailing A One Line Schedule

You can easily send an update email, containing the latest schedule in a simple format that should be easily readable on most devices.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 5 Jun 2014 01.30.02

Selecting contacts for the project Use the checkmarks to choose who will receive each email, the “All” and “None” buttons select or deselect all contacts at once.

To add contacts to the address list for your project, tap the “+ Add Contact” line.

To delete contacts permanently from the address list, use the standard iOS shortcut of swiping from right to left across the contact line, or tap “Edit List” then tap the red “-” icon next to the contact you want to delete.

Sending update emails

Hide completed scenes from your email by setting the “Hide Done” slider to ON.

Include only the next day’s scenes in your email by setting the “Next Day Only” slider to ON.

Create the email by tapping the “Compose” button.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 5 Jun 2014 01.32.52

TIP: You can easily edit the content of your email before sending, For example, if you want to only send people the schedule for a particular day, or group of days, create an email with information for the entire project and then quickly select and delete the information for days you want to omit.

Using MailShot groups with ShotList

MailShot Pro 1024rMailShot is our unique app that builds the ability to send email to groups of people at once directly into the address book of your mobile device, so you can use it from all your favourite apps.

There are two possible ways to use ShotList and MailShot together. Either tap “compose” and then add a MailShot group to the email using the blue “+” button on the address line, or add the MailShot group from the email manager page, in which case ShotList will expand the group and add each contact to the project individually.

Find out more about MailShot on the App Store at

On to Emailing A Full-Color PDF Schedule

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