TextShot User Guide- Adding Contacts Manually

This allows you to manually enter contact data into TextShot, without first having to add a contact to your address book. This is useful if you don’t want certain contact details cluttering up your address book.

IMG_0667Tap “Import” on the contacts page, and select “Manual Entry”, and this page will appear.

Enter the name and contact data into the relevant fields.

If no contact name is entered here, the contact data will be used in its place.

Sort As:
You don’t normally need to enter sort data- by default it will use the last word of the contact name, but you can choose the precise word to sort on here if you wish (such as “De Vere” instead of “Vere”) This only matters if you do an automatic sort on the group.

silhouetteManually added contacts appear in TextShot with a silhouette icon.

Other ways to Add Contacts
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