TextShot Walkthrough 2: Creating A Text Preset

Let’s look at creating a Text Preset.

You use presets to save on typing. Enter text you may want to re-use into a preset, then select it with a tap whenever needed.

Photo 398

Tap on the text line (it will initially say “Tap to select text”)

Photo 396 1

You will see an example preset there. Lets leave it alone for the moment…

Tap ‘+’ to add a new preset, or tap ‘>’ to edit an existing preset

Photo 397 1

This page lets you enter or edit a preset’s text and title.

Enter text for the preset by tapping the text area. Example messages might be:

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes, get one in for me.”

“I’m running late. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay.”

“Put the kettle on love, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

“Just to let you know I’ve landed safely. Love you lots XX.”

“On my way home, what sort of takeaway do you fancy- Pizza, Chinese or Indian?” 

Photo 418Enter a short, descriptive title for the preset.

For example, for strings mentioned above you might use: ”There in 10 (drink)”, “Landed Safely” or “Takeaway?”.

If you forget to add a title, TextShot will use the beginning of the message as its title.

TIP: You can always edit the message before you send, so it is easy to modify the text if needed to say how late you expect to be, for example, or you could create a series of messages with different times if you wish. Use this whichever way best suits your needs

Photo 419

Tap “Save” to save this preset, and return to the previous page.

Photo 420

This page shows all the presets you have defined so far.

Tap a preset to return to the title page with it selected.

To change the title or text, Tap “>”.

To enter edit mode, tap “Edit”…

Photo 421

… in this mode you can delete a preset by tapping “-“, or change the order your presets appear in by dragging them with the sort bars on the right.

Tap “Done” to exit edit mode.

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