TextShot User Guide- Adding Contacts From A Checklist

You can add many contacts to your group at once, from across multiple address books.

Tap “Import” on the contacts page, then select “Contacts Checklist”.


This will show a list of contacts on your device. Set a check mark against the ones you want to add, then tap “Add” to finish.

At first you may see only mobile numbers and iPhone numbers. To see all phone numbers, tap the phone icon on the bottom menu bar. To see all email addresses tap the envelope icon on the bottom menu bar.

No check mark will be shown for contact methods already in your group. (They are displayed here so that you can see when a contact is already included.)

NOTE: Contacts from GAL address books are not included here. Those will need to be added individually.

TIP: If you have not yet upgraded your copy of TextShot, the usual limits apply to the maximum number of contacts that can be handled in a group.

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