TextShot Walkthrough 1: Creating A Group

Throughout this page, the text in bold is the bare minimum you need to do, normal text explains things in more detail, and gives other options.

Photo 398

Tap on the group line (it will initially say “Tap to select a group”)

Photo 385

Here is the page where you select or edit your groups.

Tap “Create a new group”, or the plus sign to create a group.

Photo 386

Enter a name for the new group. (We called ours “Friends”.) Then tap “Done” on the onscreen keyboard (or tap the return key on an external keyboard.)

Photo 388There are no contacts in the group at the moment- lets add some …

Tap either of the + buttons to add a contact from your address book. (NOTE: many other methods to Add Contacts are also available.

Photo 409

Select a contact to add

Photo 416You see details for this contact, and their known contact methods

Select a mobile number or an id using the checkmarks.

At first (on iPhone) you will just see phone numbers marked as “mobile” or “iPhone”, which is generally the safest choice.

Tap the phone button to toggle the display of numbers with other labels.

Tap the envelope button to toggle the display of email addresses, which may be the Apple iMessage id for this contact. (Contacts can now use mobile numbers or email addresses for IDs in iMessage.)

Photo 417

Tap “Save”.

Photo 390

You are returned to the contact list page. An edit button and other options appear on the bottom menu bar, once a contact is present.

Clear the checkmark on the right to temporarily exclude a contact from your group (useful if you manage a sports team, a band, or a comedy troupe with a regular set of members that change from time to time.)

TIP Buttons to the right of the bottom menu bar provide a shortcut to clear and set all the checkmarks at once.

Tap the “Edit” button to delete or reorder contacts.

Add more contacts to the group, if you wish (though it is usually a good idea to keep the group reasonably small for your first attempt)

Tap “Group” to return to the Groups list.

Photo 415

Tap a group name, to select a group and return to the home page.

Tap  “>” on a group to edit its contact list again.

Tap the “edit” button to delete, duplicate or re-order your groups…

Photo 422

In edit mode you can:

  • Delete a group, by tapping on the red “-“
  • Re-order your groups, by dragging them into position with the three-bar buttons
  • Duplicate your groups, by dragging them onto the red bar at the bottom (take care to rename them straight after)

Tap “Done” when you are finished.

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