MailShot Review Roundup Episode IV- “A New Hope”

Version 1.41 of MailShot has been out for a month or two now, so it must be time for another roundup of user reviews around the world’s App Stores!

Here is the current status (from the AppFigures website) for our ratings for MailShot in the US:

In general the reviews and ratings are fantastic, and getting better each time, thanks to you all for your kind words.

As usual we have also included the few isolated negative ones we have had, with responses- in most cases any negative ones this time were because they didn’t read past the first sentence of the app description for the free version of MailShot. We have taken steps to make the information on the restrictions of the free version harder to miss since then. As this is a LONG post, it continues on below the fold, just tap the link at the bottom to continue reading.

If you are already a satisfied user please take the time to add your opinion and rating on the App Store. We need and really value your support.


Much needed functionality Mr_Baldilocks *****
An excellent app that provides the missing group email functionality in a terrific application. I liked the try & buy as well, even if it is only $3.99. At least I knew I was buying quality 🙂

Up and Running THANKS  PR Notes *****
Just found this app this afternoon and was using it in no time. Thanks so much now my emails from my iPad can play with the big guys.  I belong to several different groups and this app will make my life so much easier. Thanks again it’s great!

Only four bucks JoeWinstonDoctortm *****
Only four bucks for the most effective group mailing application on the market! Yes after five addresses you are given the opportunity to upgrade for only four bucks, but it is worth ten times that! I currently have three major groups that I MailShot on a regular basis! I couldn’t put a price on the time that it has saved me…..Priceless! The most convenient and cost effective application that I have ever purchased! Great Job!

Waste of time SCoooooooters *
After entering 5 names from your contact list, this app ask you to pay $4 to enter more names. Who needs an app to create a distribution list of FIVE contacts. Ridiculous.

PJ> The whole idea of the free version is to let you try the app out, because it is quite a unique approach to group email.

Many people do only need small groups (I have a group of four that I use all the time) and its fine for people to use MailShot for this use, for free.

Like the app-hate the marketing Carlton Pringle **
The app does a good job with the distribution list creation and management. However, i don’t like being “tricked” into purchasing a product by being given an unannounced “crippleware” version. I’d happily buy the product if it meets the need. The current marketing ploy feels a little manipulative if not a tad dishonest. I concur with another reviewer that the developer should name the free version “Lite” and say that limitation is five entries. Two stars to protest the way the product is marketed.

PJ> We very clearly state exactly what restrictions apply to the free version of MailShot in the app description. If you don’t read the description past the first sentence (probably because it was free?) then it is a little unfair to make accusations of bad marketing. 

After this (and a few other comments below, which all came within a week or so of each other for some reason) I started restating the limits of the free version in the first line of the “Update” section on iTunes, and this type of complaint has since stopped.

MAIL SHOTS PopPopLou *****
Great product to use w OUTLOOK! SO EASY TO ADD CONTACTS, BUT SHOULD BE ABLE TO ADD MORE THAN 1 AT A TIME! That’s the only problem I see so far.

PJ> You can synch groups across from Outlook in iTunes, and then automatically import them all at once into MailShot if you have a number to add. Please see our Support page for instructions.

Bait & Switch! Karen Pelletier ***
When you look at this app on your desktop you don’t see that the free version only let’s you have a 5 person group! If you only had 5 people in your distribution list then you wouldn’t need this app. To use it you really are forced to upgrade to the pay version. It does work fine, and is worth the money to me, but I wish I had known this upfront!

PJ> If you had read the description you would have seen this information, we don’t hide it. Unfortunately the App Store shows very little text, only the first short paragraph, which really is needed to tell people what the app does. 

Love it! Thank you!!!!!!!!! love to laugh *****
Thank you so much. Very easy to use and I love it!

excellent app  Jarhead DJ/VJ *****
This is a must have app for people like me who are weaning themselves off of carrying their MacBook Pro everywhere with them. In my public relations job, I have to be able to send news releases and updates a list of news media, internal distribution of notices and memos to managers inside the organization. Without this app, I would not easily be able to accomplish this task on my iPad. I highly recommend MailShot.

Awesome app! JSB58 *****
Within minutes of installing this app I was up and running. It is very easy and intuitive. It also works seamlessly within the iPhone’s email program, making it very easy to send the same email to many people at once. The one thing I’ll never figure out is, why is this free? I’ve seem apps that cost >$3 that simply don’t deliver or work as well as this does.

Great Tool!!! Joey G58 *****
Don’t listen to the doofusses who don’t understand that the purpose of the lite version is to give you a taste of what the pro version does.
It’s a great app that does what is advertised very nicely. Great job Solubleapps!!! Thank You!

Rename It IamDannyk2 *
Change the name to superlite mailshot…It sounded great to me and when I started to use it…man was it user friendly. The only issue I have is that it only allows you to have a 5 person group…really? Who is going to use a group message app for 5 people?

groups echv *****
excellent-one of a kind.

Just brilliant xerxers *****
Before purchasing this really great app it would take some time to send multi address emails now it is a doodle. Easy and great updates.
Mr Developer thank you.

Great to see it back! Eric Meister *****
MailShot does what no other app does! Easily create and edit groups on your idevice that can be used in any other app. Love it!

Great App! Robert Etherton *****
Works great!!!

Wonderful! Cdog127*****
Finally, the ability to set up groups in the native contact app. I now have the ability to send group emails from any app on my phone. Had one issue setting up my groups, but a simple email to support and it was resolved. Also, when I emailed support, I had a reply with step by step directions IN UNDER AN HOUR! anyone who is looking for group emails, this is the app for you! Could not be any easier!

Get this app if you use email groups! Meanjeann *****
I struggled for a week trying to figure out how to send emails to my Mail groups, only to find it couldn’t be done. This app takes care of the issue completely! It took me less than a minute to set up my first group of 23 email addresses. Well worth the money. THANK YOU to the developers.

Awesome! Yddub13 *****
Love this app. Easy to use and just what I was looking for to create email groups!


Great, handy app jo70horses *****
Not sure why previous reviewer says it’s rubbish. I find it brilliant. Make a group which is dead easy and then access it from mail to send mail to multiple addresses.
Couldn’t be easier to use or more convenient. A great asset to your iPad!

Garbage Tarquind *
Just doesn’t work. Should be 0 stars really.

PJ> If you have a problem with MailShot its almost certainly something simple.

There are many, many resources provided here on this site to help you on the Support Page and User Guide. And if that doesn’t work drop me a line and I’ll always do my best to help.

This user didn’t appear to do any of these things.

superb! Barry Ward *****
This does exactly what it sets out to do. U can create groups manually or selecting one u already have in your contacts. It even asks u which address/addresses to use if a contact has more than one. Then it creates a group that gets put back as its own contact in your contact app, which can then be selected in Mail to send to that group. Why Apple haven’t implemented this yet is beyond me.

Great App Lozza99*****
I don’t understand the criticisms!
‘if only it could do 10 instead of 5’ that’s the point – try before you buy to prove the app is worth buying.
‘Too long to set up’ – you only have to do it once for each list for crying out loud.
And it’s only £2.99. Get a grip. Well done to the developer. A truly useful app.

Why didn’t Apple provide this??!! Martin Witney*****
Good App


Good app!  PedroBou-Canada*****
Very well done work, just a little expensive.

Mail Shot solved my problem.  thebestnamesaretaken – Canada  *****
Just wanted to create a couple of groups for mailing from my iPad. Did not realize that feature was missing for some reason from native application. Anyway found this little app and in a couple of minutes it solved my problem. Good stuff.

Very good Chillen Crespo – Spain *****
Simple and efficient. 2-step and you have created your group of contacts to send email at a time.

Excellent APP and must have Enillac- Spain *****
Works like a charm and integrates perfectly with address book. It does what it says. Very well constructed application. Congratulations.
Ah, and works with both devices on one purchase.

Thanks again to you all for your reviews and support. It is always much appreciated

* The tag line for the post this time should be very easy to recognise, it is the subtitle applied to the original Star Wars on re-releases to distinguish it from the sequels and prequels, when it also became known as Episode IV. Though to me it will always be the first, not the fourth.

Author: Soluble Apps

Soluble Apps was founded in 2010, by Peter Johnson, drawing on over 25 years of experience as Coder, Artist, Producer, Musician and Studio Head in the videogames industry. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Our top-selling products are the popular "MailShot Pro" group email app, "ShotList" for planning movie shoots, and "FAQ", which cuts down on repetitive emailing.

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