App Store Reviews, Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo*)

I thought it was time to do another roundup of the App Store reviews that have appeared since the last one four weeks ago, as people don’t often get the chance to see the reviews that are published  on other App Stores around the world.

They are mainly very favourable, but I also included the two that weren’t so that I may respond, as the App Store doesn’t provide a way for developers to do this.

They are split by country- US, then UK, then Rest of World.

US Store

HCathey *****
Works as advertised, very intuitive, low price – what more could u ask for?

mcginnmk *****
Great app and support!
This app is a great patch for the void Apple and Outlook left in it’s software. Not sure why generating groups to synch with your iPhone was such a big deal, Peter obviously had no problem figuring it out. Also great support. I had trouble downloading the in-app upgrade, contacted Peter and had an answer within hours of my inquiry. If you have numerous contact groups this app is a must if you want to easily correspond with them remotely.

JPhil99 ****
So far, so good…
The free version is too limited (only 5 contacts per group, only 3 groups allowed). They don’t tell you these limits in the description. But you can get a good taste of the product. The pro version works well, AND IT WORKS WITH MS EXCHANGE emails, which no other group email app can figure out.

I use this for work distribution lists (I have 24 reps) and I used to hate sending group emails from my iPad. Now, its a snap. I also have a family group set up for sending pictures and messages about our kids.

Very simple and worth the $4, if you need more than the FREE version.

PJ- We do mention the limits of the free version in all descriptions on the App Store, but it is a lot of text so I can understand if someone didn’t read it all, or missed some of it.

NoName- *****
The proper Mail/Contacts
With this app, Peter has made Mail/Contacts into a proper email program. Thanks! And it includes embedded tutorials & a link to a super support page. I had a truly anomalous problem and Peter responded with a solution while I had dinner! That’s support!

Don’t worry that the first recipient’s literal name is replaced by the Group Name — everyone will get your group email.

Petsyrah ****
Great timesaver
Thank for developing this great app. I installed the free app and created a group, which is now in my contacts, in about 1 minute. Found it to be quite intuitive, didn’t need instructions. Will try this version out for a bit, then will likely upgrade to Pro.

Cdog127 *****
Finally, the ability to set up groups in the native contact app. I now have the ability to send group emails from any app on my phone. Had one issue setting up my groups, but a simple email to support and it was resolved. Also, when I emailed support, I had a reply with step by step directions IN UNDER AN HOUR! anyone who is looking for group emails, this is the app for you! Could not be any easier!

morningbell *****
When I realized I did not have “Group” capability on a trip that meant, communication with several people at once, I freaked! I immediately started the search and found MailShot! Excellent and easy for the less inclined. I was able to send to many people at once, while keeping their privacy intact.

Schreibs1- *
I was really excited about finally being able to create my email groups; shame on me for not reading the app’s description more closely. After I created my 3 smallest groups, I realized that I could not create my nine additional larger groups without purchasing an upgrade. This app does work seamlessly when following the web support page, and the groups DO show up in my contact list. So, one star to both MailShot for very limited function, and one star for myself for not reading all of the details. And zero stars to Apple for not building in this function.

PJ- This seems really unfair. He admits that the app works exactly as its supposed to, then awards it one star because he begrudges spending the cost of a cup of coffee on software that he can benefit from again and again?  Just a bit sad really.

Gregg Murphy ***
Crashes when adding some contacts
I like this app. Because it is very simple. Let’s you put groups into your address book. It does crash when adding some addresses. I had to create a new address for the person and then add it? Could be better with some work.

PJ- the cause and solution to this problem is on our support page if anyone encounters it themselves.

PNort *****
Should have been part of the iPhone email feature set from the outset. This is a GREAT utility!

UK Store

David Hillyer *****
I love my iPhone, and find I’m doing more and more emailing from it. To not have a group email-send was a problem. So finding MailShot was great… But I had a few problems upgrading for 5+ names. I contacted Peter, who then appeared to work though the night to remedy my difficulty – I felt as though I was at the cutting edge of app development.

We got it sorted, and I’m very happy. And the price of the upgrade is nothing compared to how my emailing has been helped. Brilliant!

Hopbackguy *****
Latest release now works well for me
The latest release has solved the problem which I experienced previously, which many others were also having, and the app now works great for me. I’ve upgraded to the paid version as I have a couple of largish distribution lists… My only criticism is that the full version is a tad expensive. I really don’t get the recent one star review.. it’s clear what the app does, and therefore whether it might be useful, and it works well. Its patently NOT ‘rubbish rubbish rubbish’. So why the diatribe?

Big Tithe *****
Better than ever!
The first release was brilliant but the updated version resolves the issue that you could see sometimes with the format of e-mail addresses that occurred in a few situations. Sorted!

I can’t understand the review comment suggesting it takes a long time to set-up. The first time you use it, it takes as long to create a group as it would to list all recipients in a standard e-mail but then that’s it, you’re done! As for the price, if you’re Billy-no-mates, why would you be using this app. anyway?

Buy it and spend the time you’ll save enriching your life or just patting your dog (no euphemism intended)!

Alacasam *
This app is really worthless I mean I probably spent more time working creating the groups than I actually saved time.I bought the add on thinking it would help but I don’t even email 50 people at once so I suggest you really don’t get this app and especially don’t get the add on.anyway what it costs £2.29 or something absolutely rubbish rubbish rubbish rubbish

PJ> Again I am also including the rare bad reviews here too so that I get the chance to respond.

I really can’t understand this guy- he claims he liked it enough to upgrade, then he derides the app as worthless “because he doesn’t have 50 friends?” As another reviewer observed, you only need to add people to a group once, how is this not faster than doing it every time?

It makes no sense at all, and I can only wonder what his actual motivation for writing this review is.

Rest of World Stores

Canada- Curtis Bayne *****
Finally able to use groups in iPad email!
I also love how it puts the list into the built in Contacts App! So far works flawless. Probably should give it 4 1/2 to 5 stars, but I just got it, just made three groups and am very pumped that I had to share. Will be so sweet to type one letter, then choose the group contact, when sending an email to my 10 collegues instead of entering the first letter of 10 different names.

Argentina- Relenti****
Great and simple
The app is basicaly an script. But it’s a great idea, and works fantastically. You create a group with your contacts an the group is a new contact with multiple mails. It’s simple. What’s the great idea: you use the usual mail, and you can forward a message to a group, and you can’t do it in group apps like abcontacts, groups or powercontact. And it’s free!!!

Spain- Curro Dorado****
MailShot Pro
Justo lo que necesitaba. La app hace exactamente lo que dice su creador: crear listas de distribución de correo. Sería perfecta si se pudiese abrir desde ‘mail’ y no como app externa.

(the above translated from Spanish, with help from

Just what I needed. The app does exactly what it’s creator says- create mailing lists! It would be perfect if it could be opened from ‘mail’ and not as an external app.

I would really like to thank those people who have taken the time to share their experiences so others may benefit. And also to thank those who have got in touch so we could help resolve their problems and build up a support doc for everyone to use. Its been a pleasure to help.

*And if you are wondering “why Electric Boogaloo?” its the tagline from the dodgy dance movie “Breakin’ 2”. As this is a sequel to a previous post- it was that or “Die Harder” and I thought even fewer people might get that one.

Author: Soluble Apps

Soluble Apps was founded in 2010, by Peter Johnson, drawing on over 25 years of experience as Coder, Artist, Producer, Musician and Studio Head in the videogames industry. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Our top-selling products are the popular "MailShot Pro" group email app, "ShotList" for planning movie shoots, and "FAQ", which cuts down on repetitive emailing.

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