ShotList 3.0 Hits The App Store

Version 3.0 of “ShotList”, our app for planning out your movie shoots scene by scene, arrives on the App Store today with a number of new features requested by our users- including easier navigation from strip to strip in your project, and a great new way to find all your scenes that match a particular criteria.

Fast Move Between Strips
You can now move directly between strips  from the Details page by swiping up or down with one finger, this moves to the previous or next strip in your current shooting order.

Accessing Notes
You can now edit or view notes by tapping them, just like the other panels on the Details page. On the Notes page you can scroll forward and back with a swipe, or tap to activate hot links for phone numbers or web addresses.

To edit notes, tap the button at top right.

Returning To The Stripboard
When you return to the Stripboard page from the Details page, the strip you were editing will flash briefly in blue to help you locate it.

Show Notes In Oneline Schedule.
You can now output notes with the oneline schedule if you wish. Simply enable the slider for “Include notes”, and any notes that exist for a strip will be added to the schedule output. We also fixed a bug where the total number of pages wasn’t displayed correctly for each day.

Filtering Scenes By Character, Location Or Time Of Day.
This will select all strips that match a chosen set of conditions. You can select combinations of characters, location, time of day or setting (interior, exterior, I/E or greenscreen). All strips that match are selected- ready to move or duplicate, or simply to review.

This allows you, for instance, to easily find “All scenes that involve your lead actor at night”,  “All scenes with your star and co-star together” or bring up “All daytime scenes at the BEACH or BEACHHOUSE locations”.

This is a great help when you have intially broken down the script and want to sort by location etc. to start planning your shoot and group similar scenes together. Once the shoot is underway it also provides a quick way for you to identify scenes that may need to be rescheduled when a problem occurs, such as losing a certain actor due to illness or injury.

To set the filter you enter “Edit” mode, and select one or more strips. Now tap the new “Filter” button that appears at the top left of the menu bar. This brings up a screen that lists all your cast members, locations, times of day and settings for your project. Set checkmarks to select items.

If you select more than one location, the filter will select scenes at ANY of the selected locations. The same goes for time of day, and setting. The filter works slightly differently for characters. If you set more than one character, the filter will only select scenes with ALL of the selected characters.

Let’s set up the filters for the examples I gave earlier…

To find “All scenes that involve your lead actor at night”, you would set the checkmark for your lead actor in the character list and “Night” in the times of day list, and would leave all other parameters unset.

To find “All scenes with your star and co-star together” you would set the checkmark for your lead actor and co-star in the character list, and would leave all other parameters unset.
TIP If you need to filter scenes with no characters, create a “no-one” character and add it to any scenes with no cast. You can then filter for that.To find “All daytime scenes at the BEACH or BEACHHOUSE locations” you would set the checkmarks for BEACH and BEACHHOUSE in the locations list, and DAY in the times of day list, and would leave all other parameters unset.

To see the result, tap the “Stripboard” button to return to the stripboard. Any strips that match the filter will be selected, and the menu bar will tell you how many strips that is. You can now move or duplicate the scenes , or can manually add or remove strips from the selection by tapping the strips.

Other Changes

This update also fixes two known crashes in the previous version, one when deleting a project, and the other when aborting the delete of a storyboard frame on iPad.
Data is also saved more often, to increase data security. (It occurs every time you return to the stripboard page or move between details pages. Let us know if this slows things down too much on a large project. )

Author: Soluble Apps

Soluble Apps was founded in 2010, by Peter Johnson, drawing on over 25 years of experience as Coder, Artist, Producer, Musician and Studio Head in the videogames industry. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Our top-selling products are the popular "MailShot Pro" group email app, "ShotList" for planning movie shoots, and "FAQ", which cuts down on repetitive emailing.

7 thoughts on “ShotList 3.0 Hits The App Store”

  1. I liked it when the location and description were aligned. Now both appear to have moved, giving room for the actor names. But honestly now it just looks messy. Please update the look or revert back to where everything was aligned properly.


    1. Thanks for your request, Tim

      A number of users working on projects with larger casts really needed cast names, rather than numbers, and this seemed a worthwhile compromise. The current alignment is to fit as much in as possible. Is your request purely aesthetics, or actually font size that is your issue?, and are you on iPhone or iPad?

      I’ll see what I can do in the next update.

  2. Also, Could you make it possible to add a google maps feature to Shotlist. I’d really like to be able to have a pin or marker on google maps of where the scene will be shot. That way everyone can meet at that location.

    1. There are many directions we could develop ShotList (no pun intended), and this is the first request we’ve had for this, though I do like it. Could anyone interested in this feature drop me a line on so we can assess demand against other requests.

      Please include how you would need to define the location (probably start with address/postcode, or select another location, then move a pin on a map?) This would probably need to be included on the location selector page, as space elsewhere is limited- especially on iPhone, and it makes sense for a location name to link to a map location so that all scenes with the same location name are set and moved together. Should you see the positions of all other defined locations at the same time, or just your current position and that of the location in question? Any suggestions will be incorporated if we add this feature in a future update.

      1. Since I shoot mostly in remote locations, such as in the woods or desert, i might not have an address. This is where having a google maps feature with my saved locations for each scene would be an awesome help. I really hope there is high demand for this feature.

  3. Also I have an app called Panascout, where whenever I take a photo it saves my gps location on google maps. I think it would be cool if I could as a director go location scouting, snap photos of the locations for each scene, and have those photos automatically saved on google maps as pins in the Shotlist app. I’d also be willing to pay more for this feature.

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