ShotList 2.0 Now Available- All About The New Features

Version 2.0 has just been released on the App Store, and is the first of what we hope to be a string of updates to ShotList.

Over time we plan to build this app up into an indispensable tool for filmmakers of all abilities. We do this by listening to our users and adding the features that are most often requested via our support email address or App Store or Blog reviews. Almost all of the features added in this update are a direct result of a request from one or more users, and address over half of the items raised in our App Store reviews.

This update adds a number of major features and fixes. We will incorporate them into the User Guide for new users very soon.

NEW: Select and move multiple strips on the Stripboard.

This lets you move groups of strips around on the stripboard much more easily. You can select strips from all over the stripboard, and they are all grouped together when they move, so this is a good way of, say, gathering all the shots for a specific location together, or moving all the shots for a shooting day to a new place in the schedule if the order changes.

Tap “Schedule” on the Stripboard page to enter the mode which allows you to create delete or move a strip, the navbar now turns dark red in this mode. Then…

To select several strips at once tap the middle of a strip, they light up as they are selected. Tap a strip again to deselect it. The navbar shows how many strips you have selected.

Deselect all the strips or tap “Done” if you wish to leave this mode.

To move selected strips  tap “=” on a selected strip. You can now drag it to the position you want to move the strips to. They will form a new group there.

NOTE: Only the top strip is seen to move around (as showing multiple selected strips would obscure the location they were to be dropped in.)

NEW: Duplicate strips, singly and in groups.

A few users asked to be able to duplicate strips instead of just creating new, blank ones. This lets them do that for individual scenes, and also to copy a full run of scenes if they have a sequence repeated by different actors, or in different locations.

To duplicate strips, select the single strip or group that you want to duplicate (as shown above) then tap “+” on a selected strip. This creates duplicates of the selected strips. The duplicated strips remain selected so you can move them to a new location easily. The scene numbers have the letter “D” added, to show that they are duplicates.

NOTE: You can copy Day Markers right along with those scene strips if you want, they behave consistently.

NEW: Storyboard thumbnails on the details screen. (iPad)

You can now view all six of your storyboard frames for a scene as thumbnails right on the iPad Details screen. Tap an image to toggle it as complete when it has been shot.

NEW: Camera icon shows status and quick access to Storyboards


On all versions a new camera icon added to the Details screen provides quick access to the Storyboard screen for that scene. It works like the camera icons on the Stripboard screen, showing whether all the shots are complete.

NEW: Show cast as names rather than numbers.

By default, character names instead of numbers are now displayed on the Stripboard and Details screens. If you would like to change this, switches in the Settings app provide separate control of which is displayed on each of those screens.

Renaming and reordering the cast is planned for a future update.

NEW: Added options to for location type and time of day settings for each scene.

In addition to INT and EXT, you can now also choose” I/E” (INT/EXT) and “GRN” (for a greenscreen stage). I/E will use the same strip colours as EXT, and GRN uses a bright green for all times of day.

You can now choose “MRN” and “EVE” for times of day for each scene, in addition to DWN,DAY,DSK and NGT. There is also a new option of “D4N” for “Day For Night” shooting.

NEW: Page Count shown on day strip as “days and eighths”. 

A minor tweak, but when showing the total number of pages planned for each day’s shoot we now show the number of pages and eighths, (e.g. “3 4/8ths”)  on the day strips, instead of large numbers of eighths (such as “28/8ths)”.

NEW: Pick images, and make selections from popovers (iPad.)

Increases compatibility with iPad. We will be looking at making more use of iPad-specific features in future updates.

FIX: iPad Photo Library crash. 

There was a problem when adding images from the Photo Library, only on iPad. This is now fixed.

FIX: Enter Dropbox with no project selected. 

You can now enter the Dropbox section, even with no projects on your device.

FIX: Load more image formats from Photo Library. 

Some image sizes in certain formats wouldn’t load from the Photo Library correctly, they now will.

FIX: Replace the tide table link in new Sample Projects with a real one. 

Very minor tweak, but the sample project created for new users contains an example of an internet link. This now goes to a real site rather than a dummy, as otherwise users may think the feature doesn’t work.


We hope you enjoy the new features. If you would like to see something added or changed, please let us know. We can’t promise we will be able to do it in the next update, but it helps us to prioritise our work, and to get a clear image of how you are all using ShotList, and to tailor it to your needs. The next update is planned for around 4-5 weeks time.

If you are finding ShotList useful (and especially if you see a criticism in an earlier review that has now been addressed) we would love you to review and rate ShotList on the App Store. The more people are using it, the more we can continue to support and expand it into the fantastic tool I am sure we would all like it to become.

Please send requests, or comments to