ShotList- Scheduling And Tracking For Filmmakers

ShotList places an essential, professional-quality filmmaking tool in the hands of anyone putting together a scripted movie or video shoot, at an affordable price.

Developed in co-operation with an award-winning video production team, this unique app brings the “Production Stripboard” system used for many years in the film industry to a mobile device for the first time – allowing  the planning and real-time tracking of every scene of your shoot as it happens

90mmShotList stores the details, locations and notes for each scene ready for instant recall. Use it to track progress throughout the day of a shoot, or to break down a script and plan out a multi-day shoot in advance – all “on the go”.

If inspiration strikes, or a last-minute disaster forces a rethink, you always have the latest version of your schedule right there with you and can change plans on the spot, and let others know about it.

ShotList enables filmmakers to:

  • Plan shooting schedules for scripted drama, commercial shoots, radio production or motion capture.
  • Add, edit, delete or re-order your scenes freely across multiple shooting days.
  • Never miss a vital scene by tracking progress as you shoot,  marking each scene as “To Do”, “Delay”, “Cut” or “Done”.
  • View and store shot details. Store many storyboard images (or location, or continuity images) for each scene. Notes, and details (such as shot type and camera angle) can be stored for each shot. Mark each shot as it is completed.
  • Store comprehensive notes for each scene, including one-tap access to phone numbers, or  web addresses (such as location information, or train or tide timetables).
  • Keep everyone informed of last-minute changes by emailing them the latest “one-line schedule”, or a full PDF. Print out update sheets directly from the app, or exchange updates with other ShotList users on your team with Dropbox.

Here is the App Store preview video

Or for a more detailed wakthrough of the app’s capabilities…

You can discover more about what ShotList can do from our User Guide.

ShotList’s development was part-financed by
Northern Film & Media.


roundedShotList runs on iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPod Touch, and is available now on the App Store.

60 thoughts on “ShotList- Scheduling And Tracking For Filmmakers”

  1. Is there an export option? Or PDF? How do I get the info on paper? I don’t want to be the only one with the info on set. This is the only thing stopping me from buying it. Very cool!

    1. Hi Jared

      Yes there is, in two ways

      You can export a “oneline” version of the schedule by email, which looks something like this (it is in a plain text format so it can be read on the widest range of mobile devices)

      Fidel runs into the police station
      Brian, Fidel. 3/8

      Brian discovers a beautiful female corpse
      Brian, Female Corpse. 5/8

      Brian discovers a male corpse in the sea
      Brian, Male Corpse. 3/8

      END DAY 2- 24/8ths

      see for full details on the “oneline schedule” feature.

      You can also share, or collaborate on, your project files wirelessly with other members of your team who have ShotList, using the free Dropbox service.
      See for details on sharing files with DropBox in ShotList



      1. Right, but what about just printing out the grid, all nicely formatted? Sending the email strips the formatting. It would be super impressive if I could print the grid with all the colors and notes to share on set the day of the shoot. Technology is great, but i need to have it on paper in the end. I’m also not going to hand my editor my iPad for all the notes, or expect that he will have one (or that there will be wifi Internet in the edit suite). See what I mean?

        1. Yes, Its certainly something we plan to enhance with an update.

          We are keeping a close eye on the Airprint technology to see how that develops, but I am not sure it has the take-up yet. There are print-server solutions for supporting it on non-HP printers, but that’s a bit techie for many people.

          Thanks for your input.

          UPDATE: Shotlist can now email the entire schedule and details pages as a PDF:

          You also now can print directly from the app via AirPrint.

      2. Hi there, I have been hoping for years now that someone come up with a program for directors who want to mark up there script showing coverage of there shotlist (linked to the shotlist as well).. I still do it by hand.. have tried annotation apps but adapting them to this very specific task is inpractical.. Ideally an app would work with a script in final draft so you could contrinue with your revisions without having start marking up a new script. pleasxe someone write it!! I am sure you will have many greatful customers from newbies to household names.

  2. Is there likely to be a companion application for the Mac? It would probably be less unwieldy to break down a feature screenplay on the computer before sharing data with the iPhone or iPad for on-set reference and updating as shoot days progress. Also, do you foresee adding the ability to import breakdowns from FD Tagger or MM Screenwriter? Is there currently any way of extracting DOOD information? Having the live data exclusively available on the iPhone/iPad limits utility in locations where wifi access is problematic.

    1. Hi,

      We are planning to add a Day Out Of Days report in an update.
      UPDATE: The Character sheet in the print or PDF report now tells you which days each actor is required for.

      We don’t plan to write a separate companion app, but we are considering adding the facility to import the data from a spreadsheet for people who would like to use that method. We will look into this.

      Import from Final Draft and other applications such as EP (if the file formats are readable) is on our list of possible optional plug-in modules for ShotList. Which of these we support will depend on demand, so let us know (by email please), but note that we are focusing on enhancing and expanding our core feature set first, which all our users will benefit from.

  3. This looks to be a fantastic app. I have to admit, however, that at the current price point, I’m sure that many are a bit nervous to try it out. Any thoughts on a lite version that people can take for a test drive? Also, I’d VERY much like to see an export feature to popular spread sheet formats. On my productions, we use excel as our primary means to track shots and it’s a bit unfeasable to expect everyone to own an iOS device and/or a copy of this software. The email feature is a fantastic start, but it’s use is very limited and unwieldly considering it’s just plain text.

    1. Hi Brent, Thanks for getting in touch

      Our experience with other apps on the store has been that the problem with releasing cut-down versions is that people tend not to read the description fully, and then mark you down for not providing the full features they need (this happened to us on our MailShot group email app sometimes, even when that cut-down version was free!). We may reconsider this at some point in the coming months, thanks for the suggestion.

      We have had a few requests for spreadsheet export and import, and that is something we are looking at adding within the next couple of months in one of our free updates.

      We have reduced the price of the full version considerably since this email was originally written.

      Shotlist now has a spreadsheet import and export feature:

    1. HI Ollie,

      Not at the moment, but this may be something we do later on.

      It would not be difficult to internationalise ShotList, as there is very little text in the app itself, and producing a translated version of the User Guide would be reasonably straightforward. User support in other languages is more of a challenge, so it is something I will consider after a few upgrade cycles when I can accurately guess what most user enquiries are about (as is the case with my existing MailShot app.)

      When I do internationalise it will probably be to “EFIGS” (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish).

      Thanks for your enquiry.

    1. Thanks Kurt,

      We don’t plan to increase this at the moment, mainly for screen-space reasons (especially on iPhone) though in our last update we added duplicating scenes to ShotList- so at a pinch you could have a B version of your scene, with 6 more frames in the B version for when you needed more?

      If other people would like this feature expanded please let us know by email or in the comments and we will certainly see what we can do. We are listening and love feedback, and this is the first request we’ve had for this.

      How many frames would you use for a scene a) typically, and b) as a maximum?

  4. Feels like a really nice app and seriously considering it.
    Does it come with a feature for designing floor plans?

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      ShotList is not intended to design floor plans, although you could easily use our storyboards feature to store other images, such as floor plans and/or a blocking diagram for the scene (created in another app, or photographed from a sketch using the inbuilt camera) along with location photos and your notes for the scene.

      You can store 6 images per “strip”, which is usually a single scene although some people who would like more detail use one strip for each shot, then they can store six images and individual notes for each shot.


  5. Hello,
    Just to verify: there is no corresponding desktop app to enter info. All entry work must be done through the iPhone and iPad, correct?

    1. Hi Lufen

      As most productions need everyone to mean the same thing when they talk about “scene 26”, it does not renumber, as you normally wouldn’t want this to happen.

      TIP You can use letters in scene names, so you could insert scene 26A between 26 and 27 if you wanted to indicate the order of a new scene.


  6. I am having trouble with the Dropbox feature. I keep getting “Can’t create folder in Dropbox.” Any suggestions? My folder is empty and the connection is correct.

    1. Hi Brian,

      This message is displayed when the DropBox routine to create a folder reports a problem.

      The folder is given the same name as your project, please check there is not already a folder with that name, and that your project name is a “legal” name for a folder (try renaming it to something simpler?).

      I have seen this happen when quote marks were placed in a project name, for example.

      You could perhaps also see this if your folders are nested very deeply, or have VERY long names.

      Please let me know if this resolves your problem


  7. Any chance of adding an integrated clapper state. The feature could prefill all the info including takes as it could track the history. This would allow me to do what I need in one app.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your input.

      Yes there is a good chance of this one. I think it would make sense to integrate as you have that data to hand

      Please drop me an email with a bit more detail on what functionality you’d need on the slate to make it worthwhile. (is it purely showing the data as a marker, with a flash and a sound to synchronise cameras, or would you also need to track and export time stamps for each shot? What about shot lengths? )

  8. Hi there,
    really nice app … but since there is no PDF export or something like that it really is just a nice app for me not so “cool” for simple PDF sharing that nice shot list i see on my iPad with clients or producers (therefor i have to make a 2nd schedule / shot list one my Desktop Mac … just saying 😉


    1. Thanks for your comments Michael, you have fantastic timing!

      We have just spent the last week or two adding a PDF export for stripboard and details pages, and the ability to print them direct from iPad and iPhone. I hope you find this feature useful when it is released in the next version.

      You can find news on what is coming in the next version here :

      Soluble Apps

  9. In scanning you comments page and the information for the app itself, I have missed where I can create my files on a computer and then transfer to either iPhone or iPad. Knowing this would definitely help in my decision to buy.

  10. Fantastic. Was waiting a long time but finally bought it. No regrets yet. First two shooting days went perfect. One point to consider: is there a possibillity to import documents (doc or PDF) and is there a plan to add à crew and castlist? Greetings from Holland, Joost

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, and for your enquiry.

      The next update will add the ability to send a PDF of the stripboard and/or details pages, and to print them from your device.

      We are looking at import and export from XLS at the moment, to allow edit and adding scenes from PC or Mac.

      Please drop us a line to our support email to let us know what you are looking for for cast and crew.

      UPDATE You can now send a PDF containing the stripboard, individual scenes and storyboards.

      UPDATE You can now export and import from XLS, to allow scene editing from a spreadsheet on a desktop.

      1. Thank you for your quick response! Very nice to see that you really care about your customers.
        The thing I really miss during shootng is the possibility to add other data. Now I have to leave your app and switch to another app just to read my callsheet, crewlist or rental-list. For example; I want to add a callsheet or a crewlist. This can be done in the beginscreen, but can also be a feature in the project so that I can import text (doc or pdf) in the ‘notes’ section, or perhaps copy/paste it. Another thing is that I would like to add a time to my scenes, so I can see if I’m behind schedule or not. Other features could be weather and locationmaps.

        The xls import, pdf-export, print-option and adding scenes in the next update sounds super!

        If you can add a possibillity to add documents so I can stay in your app would be fantastic, if not; also good
        I still enjoy using your app.

        Greetings, Joost

  11. Yeah, location maps via Google Maps would be nice. either, Google Maps link in “location section” or even graphical Google Map directly in Shotlist app.

    1. Apple advise developers to keep mobile apps small and focused, rather than trying to replicate everything a desktop program does. Filmmakers all have different working methods, and tend to request different features from each other, this is why we left a large notes field for example, as we thought people would have lots of different uses for it.

      If the demand is there , we may experiment with in-app add-ons for Shotlist at a reasonable cost each. This is a more likely strategy than jumping to a separate ShotList 2 app, or raising the initial purchase price, as people expect low initial prices on the app store even for a niche app such as this which could never equal the sales figures of more general purpose apps.

      The Airprint support and PDF export will be free additions in the next update, and small improvements will remain free. Examples of the sort of extras we may charge for might be a clapperboard that can take input from the details page, XLS import and export (this has a cost to us as we need to buy in a licence for it) or map integration.

    1. Hi Dima

      The next version of Shotlist (available as a free update) will add the ability to export and import in .xls format, so you can cut and paste data on a PC or Mac spreadsheet format. We will be submitting it to Apple in the next few weeks.


    1. Hi Pablo

      No problem. On the list of scenes, tap “manage” in the top menu bar, then tap “+” on whichever type of strip you want to add (either a scene, or a day marker).

      To get the most out of Shotlist, you will probably find the User Guide very useful. There are links to it at the top of the support page, and on the black menu bar of our website.

      If you get stuck, just drop us an email. We’re always happy to help.

  12. This app is great. It would be perfect if it had a feature to record each TAKE of a shot. Say you’re on the shot edit page, tap a TAKE button which adds a TAKE page. This page stores a list of each take for that shot. Each take can be labeled: good, bad or usable. This would be great so the editor knows which TAKE to focus on and not waste time going through all the takes.

    1. Hi Mars,

      I checked into this again for you today, in case the situation has changed, but it appears that the .sex format is still proprietary, and information is not available on its format.

      If you come across an official guide as to how such a file is constructed, please send me a link and I will be happy to investigate further.

      At present you can export from Shotlist in .xls or .pdf formats.

    1. Thanks for your request,

      As a mobile app, Shotlist is designed to be both simple and flexible. Once we get past the things EVERY user needs, we find that specific requests diverge very quickly.

      The Notes area is provided for any custom uses, such as tracking props or equipment required for a scene (or, if you prefer, you could add them to the cast list for each scene (using Caps to differentiate between cast and other items))

      We do take note of requests, and add features when we get enough requests for the same thing and can see a way to add a feature without increasing complexity for users that don’t use it. (Perhaps I can add something that works like the cast list per scene to track needs? and then list that information in other ways than just by scene, but the extra field needed will reduce the visual Notes area or I’ll have to rework the scene details page as a scrolling list… I’ll give it some thought)


  13. ShotList is intentionally kept simple and flexible, designed for planning and executing small productions quickly on small-screen devices, entirely mobile, rather than trying to cram in every last thing that any conceivable production might need.

    However if the complexity of your shoot is already giving you problems, I would recommend you take a look at the walkthrough video to see if it looks like ShotList does everything you need, and give you a feel for the app (, The User Guide may also be helpful (at If you have a specific question, however, you can drop me an email on, and I will do my best to help.

  14. Hi.
    First, thanks for your good work with this app.
    Only one question.. did you think about to put in the app the easy storyboard drawing tool?
    Will be wonderful

    Thanks again

    1. Thanks very much.

      We have historically taken the view that there are a wide variety of drawing and specialist storyboard creation tools on iOS which you can choose from to suit you, and the style of storyboard you wanted- and these were better than we could expect to write as a small part of an app, however Apple has now introduced a standard drawing API which we do plan to integrate at some point.

      Ideally we wanted to allow people to annotate their own photos and sketches with the Pencil, but that seems tricky to do with Apples API, so we would probably just look to add the ability to add and edit a drawing.

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