Soluble joins the “Made In Creative UK” campaign

made-in-creative-ukThe UK has a fantastic history of innovation in computing, with many world-changing achievements stretching from many of the very earliest hardware and languages through to today’s projects like Raspberry Pi that aim to recapture something of the excitement and adventure of those early days.

The UK has also played a significant role in the development of games to enjoy on these computers and consoles, far outreaching our small size as a nation, and this is something I am personally very happy to have been a small part of over the past three decades.

We are proud to join the campaign to highlight the UK’s past and current achievements in this field by featuring the “Made in Creative UK” logo here. For more about the campaign, please visit the official website.

“Ultimate Charades” Released On The App Store Today

Our Suggestion Box app is getting great responses from those who have tried it, and it is finding all sorts of unforeseen uses (such as language teaching in Russia) due to its comprehensive customisation abilities. But it was always destined to be a fairly “niche” product, as it is aimed mainly at improvisers and drama students.

Ultimate Charades takes the customisation abilities of Suggestion Box, and applies them to one of the world’s all-time most popular party games – Charades. That customisation means you can remove any suggestions that aren’t relevant to you and your friends, and can add in the things you DO care about, such as the hit show or favourite celebrities of the moment, or even your friends and family themselves, making it a much more personal experience.

We have also put instructions for all sorts of game variations on the Ultimate Charades page, and answers to the most likely user questions on the support page.

Check it out on the App Store now.