Our new app- “TextShot- Group Text Done Right”

textshot headerOver the past two years we have received a lot of requests from our many MailShot users asking us for a companion app to handle text and iMessages. So we are delighted to announce the arrival of TextShot on the App Store this week.

TextShot will feel very familiar to users of our popular MailShot app. Adding contacts to a group is handled in the app in all the same ways, with a very familiar interface.

Unlike MailShot, TextShot sends its messages from within the app, so we also took the opportunity to let you create and send your own preset text messages. Select a group, choose your text, then tap the TextShot logo to create a new message. It saves a lot of typing on that cramped mobile keyboard (and you can easily do it one-handed)

100322_N90_BOW_PF_#1Band_no_pings_FL_PHO-10-0110 001We expect the app to appeal mainly to iPhone users for sending SMS, but you can send iMessages to other iOS users from all iOS devices. TextShot doesn’t handle email.

TextShot is available on the App Store in two versions-

TextGroup Icon1024rTextShot Lite is free to try, but restricts you to two groups of up to four contacts, and two different text presets. It is upgradable with an in-app purchase.

TextGroup Pro1024r

TextShot Pro removes all of those restrictions.

A Support page and User Guide are also available, and will be built up over the following days. As always, if you need any assistance please get in touch through the Support button on the front page of the app.

MailShot now has over 200000 users!

200000It was great to hear from Apple that there are now over 200,000 users of MailShot Pro and MailShot out there.

Welcome to all those who have joined us recently. We hope you are finding MailShot useful, and I’d like to personally thank the many of you who have taken the time to post your fantastic reviews on the App Store. We really appreciate it, and it helps us support the app.

As always if you have any problems at all you can find guidance, and help for most common issues, on our Support page or User Guide.

If you need assistance, we are always very happy to help. Please drop us a line using the “Support” button on the title page of MailShot, explaining any problem you are experiencing (this will also send us some diagnostic information that may help us assist you faster). We can resolve most issues fairly quickly.

ShotList And FAQ Feature In New Book (Special Offer!)

hhhtopIts great to see our ShotList and FAQ apps featuring in Taz Goldstein’s new book “Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking with the iPad & iPhone”. The book covers all stages of the filmmaking process, from script through to shoot (and after), with more than enough information to decide which apps and equipment are for you, and lots of useful tips and advice.

You can download the book from Amazon or direct from the publishers, who have also been kind enough to send us a 35% discount code to share with you. (Visit peachpit.com/hhh and enter “HHH” at the checkout). It is also available as a printed version.

The book also covers our unique FAQ app (which creates custom emails from reusable pieces) saying of it…

“FAQ was designed to be as productive as the people who use it, and for that reason it remains one of my favorite iOS utilities”

ShotList 4.0: New Version, New Features

Version 4.0 of  Shotlist is now released on the App Store.

This major new update adds a number of great features to Shotlist:

  • Print stripboard and details pages, via Airprint.
  • Shot details and notes for each shot in a scene.
  • Email .pdf updates of stripboard and details pages.
  • Import and export projects in a popular spreadsheet format.
  • Rearrange shot ordering with drag and drop.
  • iOS6 and iPhone 5 support

It also fixes a problem in the previous version when updating a project to Dropbox, and has various other optimisations to speed up data entry and navigation.

The Support page and User Guide are both being updated to reflect the new features.

If you encounter any problems please let us know by tapping the “Support” button in Shotlist, or using our support email address (shotlist at solubleapps.com) and I’ll look at it right away for you.

A lot has gone into this update and I hope you find it useful. If you do, a review on the App Store is always very much appreciated. Thanks.

Read on for more details of all the new features. Continue reading “ShotList 4.0: New Version, New Features”

MailShot 2.1 release adds iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support.

We have just released a new update to our popular MailShot Pro and MailShot group emailing apps to add iOS6 and iPhone 5 support, as well as a few other tweaks.

I hope you find the additions useful, please get in touch via the support button in MailShot if you need any help, or want to report a problem, and we’ll do our best to assist as always.

Support for iOS6 Privacy settings. If denied access to contacts, this explains that the user should allow MailShot access to contacts from the Privacy page of the Settings app.

Extended screen support. To show and select more contacts at once on iPhone 5.

Link email addresses across a series of address cards. This situation is much more common since iOS6 integrated Facebook contacts with your address books.

Improve handling of imported MailShot groups by removing extra quote marks, and retrieving the first contact name if we can. (TIP: This feature allows you to join MailShot groups together, or select a subset of a group to form a new group.)

Additional options on the Support button,  giving shortcuts to the User Guide and for emailing us, as well as to our MailShot Support page. Emailing us from the support button also includes configuration details for MailShot. This is the preferred way to ask for help, as that information allows us to solve your problems with fewer questions.

Prefer iCloud to store contacts when a choice is available, as users have had varying results with Exchange. This will only affect new users.

Reduced sound volume for sound effects (you can still turn them off with a slider in Settings>MailShot)

Thanks for your interest and support in MailShot and helping to spread the word. If you find MailShot useful, a refreshed review on the App Store is always appreciated, especially just after an update.

Over 100,000 users for MailShot

Great to hear from Apple last week that MailShot Pro and MailShot now have over 100,000 users for their unique approach to group emailing direct from your favorite apps.

Its been lovely to hear from those of you who are finding it indispensable, and  thanks for all your support in the App Store- your reviews and ratings are always very much appreciated.

If you have any problems you can probably find the answer on our MailShot support page or User Guide and if you need any further help please do let us know on “support at solubleapps.com” and we’ll always be happy to do our best to assist.

MailShot Sails Past The 75000-User Mark

Its great to hear from Apple today that we now have over 75000 users of ‘MailShot’ and ‘MailShot Pro’ around the world. We’d like to wish a very warm welcome to those who have recently joined us, and its fantastic to see how word of mouth continues to build about the benefits of MailShot, month on month.

As always, if you have any problems at all please see our Support page or User Guide or drop us an email on support at solubleapps.com if you need assistance. We are always happy to assist.

MailShot Pro Sends Group Email Around The World

A new version of MailShot hits the app store today, adding support for French, Spanish and Chinese languages.

We are really excited to introduce MailShot Pro to a wider audience of French and Spanish speakers, and into China, one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The worldwide reach of the App Store gives a small developer like us a global presence in markets that we simply couldn’t enter on our own.

You can now find localised support for MailShot in French, Spanish, Chinese and of course English.

This release also fixes an issue that a few users have experienced when naming their MailShot groups.

As always, if you find MailShot useful, a review on the App Store is always very much appreciated, as each new release tends to hide the fantastic reviews we have received so far.

ShotList 3.3 Released

A new version of ShotList, our app for planning and tracking movie shoots on the move is released today.

This new version updates DropBox to the newest API, and tweaks the stripboard layout for symmetry and readability.

It also fixes a crash bug when you edited scene data in a certain order in the previous release.

For more about ShotList, including a video, see our App Page on this site.

MailShot 1.62 Helps iOS 4.2.1 Users

Our new release 1.60 contained lots of great stuff, but some users on iOS 4.2.1 (and the Verizon-specific versions of that OS) experienced a problem that prevented the app from starting.

With the help of our users we have been able to resolve the issue, and Apple have kindly agreed to rush-release the new version containing the fix. If you experience a problem, be sure to update from the App Store.

NOTE: This update also adds the ability to disable the warning message that appears when you add more than 100 contacts to a group, so if your mail provider does not have that limitation, you can now disable the message from the Settings app on your device.

MailShot 1.60 Brings Larger Groups For Many Users

As thanks for helping us reach over 50000 users, and to celebrate our first year on the App Store, we have just launched another update to our popular “MailShot Pro” and “MailShot” group email apps, bringing increased group sizes and a number of other exciting new features.

NOTE: We recently renamed the in-app upgrade for the free version of MailShot to “MailShot Upgrade”, because a few users were confusing it with the “MailShot Pro” app, and were downloading (and being charged for) both. The upgrade still includes all the same great features as “MailShot Pro”.

New features in version 1.60 include:

More Groups.
The number of groups you can create in the upgraded and Pro versions has now been doubled, to 100.

TIP: Groups can be sorted into any order using the “Edit” button on the groups page.

More Contacts.
We have changed our address format, which will now allow you to address as many contacts as your ISP permits from the group contacts created in the new upgraded and Pro versions of MailShot. In many cases this is now 100 contacts.

We also added a warning when you exceed 100 contacts, which can be turned off in the Settings app.

NOTE: you can send to groups with as many as 500 contacts through Google Mail by connecting to it using the “Exchange” instead of the “Gmail” protocol, Here are the instructions. (For simplicity we suggest you don’t enable contact sync over Exchange if you don’t need it,  just enable it for email). Be careful of the daily limits on Google Mail.

Use MailShot group contacts from a Mac.

Contacts that you create in MailShot on your iOS device can also now be used from Mail on your Mac, too. Note that you will need to tap “update” on each group in the new version before using this feature.

See here on our support page for more on this.

Removing Someone From A Particular Email

You can now exclude a particular contact, or contacts, from a group before you send it.

Just tap “Cancel”,  save your email to drafts, then reload it again. You can now see all the contacts in the group by tapping on the address line, and can select and then delete them individually from the email.

See our support page here for more details.

Better handling of in-app purchases.

We now provide a clearer indication to users when an in-app purchase is successfully processed.

A “Restore purchases” button on the title page also enables you to restore a previous upgrade to a new device without any fear of being charged twice.

Importing MailShot groups back into MailShot.
Attempting to add a MailShot-created contact will show a list of the contacts it contains, for you to select contacts from.

You can use this feature:

  • To combine groups into larger ones
  • To import and manage a MailShot group someone sent you
  • Or to rebuild groups in MailShot after a backup failure or similar disaster.At a pinch you could use this to manage a group from more than one of your devices, though it is not recommended for that purpose (TIP: if you do try this, use a different name for the new group on your second device to avoid deleting or overwriting the original group)

Note that this feature can’t name the first contact in a group, as that isn’t stored, but it will restore their email address.

*TIP: You can easily share a MailShot group contact to someone else using the “Share Contact” button in the Contacts app- they don’t need to have MailShot installed to use it themselves on an iOS device or mac. (though they’ll need to store the MailShot contact in an address book which isn’t synched with Exchange,  iCloud is fine for this)

Add contacts from a button.
There is a new “+” button provided at the bottom of the page that lists contacts in your groups. This allows you to easily add a single contact to a long list without needing to scroll all the way to the bottom of that list

If you have any questions, problems. or suggestions please check out our support page or drop us a line on support@solubleapps.com. We are always more than happy to help. We also run a mailing list which sends updates like this out to you every few months, simply send the word “Subscribe” to mailshotlist@solubleapps.com, and we will add you. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We hope you find the new features useful, and as always we really appreciate it if you can take the time to review MailShot on the App Store, or update an older review, as all of our fantastic reviews  are moved from  the main page whenever we update, and we depend on your reviews to keep developing MailShot. Here are links to the App Store for “MailShot Pro” and “MailShot” to make it easier for you to review us. As always, many thanks for those that do, it means a lot to us.